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Best Xerneas Moveset In Pokemon Go

Best Xerneas Moveset In Pokemon Go

Xerneas, the legendary Pokemon from Kalos, is available to catch in Pokemon Go. A powerful Fairy-type, this titan comes with a Max CP of 3781. It is helpful in gyms as well as PvP battles, which makes it the perfect powerhouse to add to your team. However, to use Xerneas properly, it needs to have the right moveset. Of course, you also have to defeat and catch Xerneas. This is how to get and make the best Xerneas moveset in Pokemon Go.

How To Catch Xerneas In Pokemon Go

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The only way to capture Xerneas is to find it in 5 Star Raids. It is a pretty powerful enemy, so you should absolutely either do this with a group of friends or assemble your own raid team. Since it is a Fairy type, your best bets are fighting it with Poison or Steel type Pokemon. Raids have a time limit, so they need to be able to spam strong attacks very quickly. The optimal choices for this are:

  • Metagross
  • Roserade
  • Nihilego
  • Dialga

Once it’s defeated, you’ll have the opportunity to capture it. Bring plenty of berries with you in order to make Xerneas easier to catch. Don’t forget plenty of Ultra Balls and Poke Balls as well.

The Best Movesets For Xerneas

Xerneas standing at night.

In Pokemon Go, Pokemon can only have two moves at a time. Xerneas can learn a few different kinds of moves and the pairing you choose should be subjective to what you plan to use them for. This recommended moveset is fairly universal and will work in a few different sections of the game.

The Best Xerneas Movesets In Pokemon Go

This is the best multipurpose offense-based Xerneas moveset:

  • Giga Impact
  • Tackle

Alternatively, this pairing will work for a more defense-based moveset:

  • Giga Impact
  • Zen Headbutt

If you are looking to use Xerneas to defeat a specific boss, it can learn some more niche main moves as well:

  • Moonblast
  • Thunder
  • Megahorn
  • Close Combat

Overall, Xerneas is an excellent Pokemon to have on your team no matter what way you use it. Whether you plan for it to be a Dragon counter or a tank PvP specialist, it will do its job very well for you in Pokemon Go.

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Best Xerneas Moveset In Pokemon Go


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