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Best Weapons in Everspace 2

Check out our guide to find out all about the best weapons in Everspace 2, how to make or find them, and which to choose

As you make your way through war-torn star systems you must solve puzzles and battle through hordes of tough foes, and to do this you will need the right gear. In Everspace 2, the most successful pilots have powerful ships and even more powerful weaponry. If you need some guidance on which weapons would best suit your play-style and in certain situations, we have all the info you need!

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Read on to find out everything you need to know about the best weapons in Everspace 2.

Everspace 2 Weapons Guide

Each weapon in Everspace 2 brings its own perks and is useful in certain situations, so really no one weapon is technically better than another. The only thing which truly makes one weapon strong than another is Rarity. A good way to decide which weapons to have in your rotation, however, is to proceed with a few battles and interactions to see what your preferred play style is. It is also good practice to have a few different types to swap out depending on the situation you find yourself in.

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We do have a full list of weapons available recommended Primary and Secondary Weapons below but for general space battling we like the following:

  • Blaster: Primary Weapon, good for close range and quick fire
  • Rail Gun: Primary Weapon, good for distance firing
  • Homing Missiles: Secondary Weapon, a classic missile launcher that locks on and tracks the enemy
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All Weapons in Everspace 2

WeaponDescriptionPrimary or Secondary
Pulse LaserShield-shredding energy weaponPrimary
Beam LaserShoots off a high powered beamPrimary
Rail GunCharge fully to strike enemies from afarPrimary
AutocannonArmor-ripping rapid fire weaponPrimary
Scatter GunLaunches projectiles best a close rangePrimary
BlasterQuick fire projectile launcher for close combatPrimary
Thermo GunUses energy to fire off a long, strong beamPrimary
FlakKinetic splash damage weaponPrimary
Gauss CannonIncreases in damage the longer you firePrimary
Coil GunGreat range and good damage but an energy sucker!Primary
Homing MissilesA classic missile launcher that tracks enemiesSecondary
EMP MissilesCan disable ships for a while and deals a little energy damageSecondary
Shieldbreaker MissilesTargets extra damage to shieldsSecondary
Armorbreaker MissilesTargets extra damage to armorSecondary
Destabilizer MissilesMakes enemy weak to kinetic and energy damageSecondary
Web MissilesDisables enemy ship movement temporarilySecondary
Corrosion MissilesCreates damage to enemy ship hull and armor over timeSecondary
Cruise MissilesWarheads guided by radar for long range targetSecondary
RocketsHigh capacity but no lock on requiredSecondary
MinesExplosives that can be grappled and launchedSecondary
Corrosion MinesLike a nasty cross between Mines and Corrosion MissilesSecondary
Web MinesImpairs enemy ship movementSecondary

How to Get Weapons in Everspace

Weapons can be picked up after defeating enemy ships, or scavenged from containers. They are also crafted using any materials found on your adventures through space such as Spare Parts and Circuitry. Crafted weapons come in 4 rarities: Common (white), Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), and Superior (pink). The higher your level in Everspace 2, the more likely you are to get higher rarity items when looting.

The higher rarity weapons have boosted stats and give more passive perks. Weapons also come as either Primary and Secondary. Primary weaponry has unlimited ammo but consume more energy while Secondary weaponry has limited ammo in the form of either projectiles or charges.

Next up, check out how to mine for more materials in Everspace 2 and craft your weapons yourself!

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Best Weapons in Everspace 2

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