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How to Get New Ships in Everspace 2

How to Get New Ships in Everspace 2
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Everspace 2 features an in-depth ship system, which allows pilots to customize their ship’s internals and appearance. Adam starts the game out with a stolen rebel ship that can be customized to an extent, but eventually, you should move onto new ships, and Everspace 2 has lots of ships to choose from. Looking to explore the galaxy in style? Here is how to get new ships in Everspace 2.

Getting new ships in Everspace 2

There are tons of different ship types in Everspace 2, ranging from the light and quick Scouts, to the armed and heavy Gunships. There is a ship type for everyone, but how exactly does one get their hands on a shiny new ship?

First, you need to progress far enough into the main story. Once you get the mission “Spares & Scrap,” you end up in the Nephtys Plains, which reveals all the locations in the G&B Mining Fields. The first ship dealer you can visit is one of the locations.

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Visit the ship dealer to check out their rotating selection of ships. You can purchase any ships that catch your eye for a hefty amount of credits. If there are no ships that suit your style, come back another time, as the ship dealers change up their stock after some time has passed.

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The ship dealer’s selection is determined by your current level. The higher your level, the better the ships are. Just bear in mind that the high-tier ships cost a pretty penny, so be prepared to empty your space wallet.

Going forward, you can discover more ship dealers in various regions around the galaxy. A ship dealer becomes available as soon as you are able to travel to its location. You can find them in the following areas:

  • Nephyts Plains: Nephtys Plains Station
  • Prescott Starbase: Freelancer Hangar
  • Noah Damaris Starport: G&B Union Branch
  • Letho Starport: Coalition HQ
  • Coalition Cargo Terminal: Ships & Supplies

Once you buy your dream ship, be sure to give it a nice coat of paint to really make it your own. You have to look cool flying through the galaxy, after all!

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How to Get New Ships in Everspace 2


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