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How to Mine in Everspace 2 – All Materials

How to Mine in Everspace 2 – All Materials
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True to the game’s name, Everspace 2 has a seemingly endless expanse of space for you to explore. The galaxy’s most precious minerals are hiding on asteroids just floating around, waiting for you to scoop up all the valuables. Here is everything you need to know about how to mine all materials in Everspace 2.

Mining all materials in Everspace 2

Everspace 2 contains an expansive crafting system that allows you to combine materials to create new components for your ships. There are a variety of methods for gaining new materials, including salvaging destroyed ships, and of course, mining mineral deposits.

The act of mining itself is pretty simple, as all you need to do is locate some minerals and blast them until they break. You can find minerals sitting on the sides of asteroids and other small rocky bodies.

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Your ship’s HUD notifies you when you are close to a mineral deposit, as denoted by a white box with a mountain icon inside. Fly closer to the deposit, then open fire with your weapon of choice to break the minerals off.

Image by TouchTapPlay via Rockfish Games

Shooting a deposit releases the minerals into space for you to grab, so make sure to position your ship close to the deposit to automatically suck up most of the minerals. Some minerals require manual collection, so do not fly off without pulling them into your ship.

All weapons can break minerals off for collection, but you can also use equipment specifically designed for mining for better yields. Additionally, mining equipment gives you a better chance at scoring rarer minerals.

For example, the mining catalyst can be added to any weapon to give it the mining prefix, which increases mining effectiveness and potentially rare minerals. Popular choices for the mining catalyst are the Beam Laser and Flak Cannon, so experiment with different weapons and see which one you like the most.

There are tons of different minerals out there waiting to be discovered, so make sure to take the time when exploring a new area to scout for any new minerals.

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How to Mine in Everspace 2 – All Materials


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