Best Ways to Use Magic Coins in Clash Royale

Best Ways to Use Magic Coins in Clash Royale

Magic Coins are one of the many types of Magic Items in Clash Royale that were added in the 2021 Quarter 1 Update. Magic Coins are a type of in-game item which allows players to upgrade a card (given the player has the required amount of cards) to its next level without using any of the player’s Gold. Usually, upgrading a card requires a certain amount of Gold, but with Magic Coins, you simply don’t need to worry about them. In this article, we will discuss a few best ways to use Magic Coins in Clash Royale.

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Best Ways to Use Magic Coins in Clash Royale

You can get Magic Coins in Clash Royale from Shop, the Trophy Road, or the paid side of Pass Royale. Probably the best way to use Magic Coins in Clash Royale is when you need to upgrade a card from Level 13 to Level 14, as it is the last and most expensive upgrade level requiring a whopping 100,000 Gold.

Furthermore, you can only have a maximum of 1 Magic Coins in your inventory and the limit doesn’t change with King level. However, this is ignored by Magic Coins earned from Pass Royale. If you try to claim a Magic Coin when your inventory is full, the Magic Coin will be converted into 100 Gems. Since you can have only one Magic Coin at any given time, it’s best to use it on cards that you use the most and on your strongest cards.

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Best Ways to Use Magic Coins in Clash Royale


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