Best Ways to Find Slime Chunks in Minecraft

Find Slime chunks in Minecraft

Unfamiliar with finding slime chunks in Minecraft? This guide has got you covered with the best techniques.

The world of Minecraft is divided into groups of blocks called chunks, each of them 16×16 blocks wide and with a height of 384 blocks, and many game mechanics are dependent on them. A mob called slime, for instance, can spawn in only two areas: swamps and slime chunks. Since other mobs can also spawn in swamps, slime chunks are the best spot for finding slimes.

Here are the best ways to find slime chunks in Minecraft.

How to find slime chunks in Minecraft

There are two methods to locate a slime chunk in Minecraft:

1. Using Seed Map tool to discover slime chunks

In Minecraft, every world is created from scratch using a seed. You can use the command /seed to get the seed of your world. Once you have the seed, follow these steps to find slime chunks:

  1. Click here to open the seed map for slime chunks;
  2. Enter the seed;
  3. Select the game edition (Java Edition or Bedrock Edition).

That’s it! The tool will automatically generate a map of slime chunks and non-slime chunks—slime chunks show up in green. You can hover over these chunks to see their coordinates.

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2. Mining or exploring

Slimes Minecraft

In slime chunks, slimes start spawning below height level 40. A popular way to find slime chunks without any external tools is to strip mine a wide area below Y 40 and mark out each chunk. You can enable chunk borders by pressing F3 + G. Use fences to mark out every chunk and wait for slimes to spawn. When a slime spawns, you will know which chunk is a slime chunk.

Finding a slime chunk is just the first step towards creating a slime farm and obtaining slimeballs. These items are highly valued in Minecraft because they can be used to craft essential items such as slime blocks, leads, sticky pistons, and magma cream.

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Best Ways to Find Slime Chunks in Minecraft


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