Best Toppings For Blueberry Cookie – Cookie Run Kingdom Build Guide


Blueberry Cookie appeared in the high tiers even from the first minutes in the game. Nowadays, she is probably one of the most widely discussed characters in CRK. And this guide will tell you about the best toppings for Blueberry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

What Toppings to Choose For Blueberry Cookie

Everything significantly depends on your playstyle. Blueberry Cookie is a universal character that should be used at the midline. She can be played in two roles: Support and Attacker. Toppings are the best way to adjust Blueberry stats for the specific battle role.

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Attack Build

If you want to make a Blueberry Cookie second-line attacker, the best option is to use x5 Searing Raspberry. It provides a +5% DMG, making Blueberry a much more powerful attacker.

Support Build

If you want a universal cookie to support the main attacker, x5 Swift Chocolate is the best option. Swift Chocolate can decrease your cooldown by up to 5%, significantly improving your DPS.

Balanced Build

Some players also suggest using balanced toppings, including both Swift Chocolate and Searing Raspberry. This decision is pretty controversial. In Cookie Run Kingdom, each character has a unique battle role. Only the team which combines cookies with different roles can reach success. So, try your best to focus Blueberry on the specific stat.

Best Treasures for Blueberry Cookie

If you want to aim Blueberry on the specific battle role even more significantly, use the treasures from the list below to make her reach the best battle effectiveness.

  • Old Piligrim’s Scroll
  • Squishy Jelly Watch
  • Dream Conductor’s Whistle/Bookseller’s Monocle

That’s it with the best toppings for Blueberry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. As you can see, there are two possible toppings you can use for Blueberry Cookie. Which setup to choose depends only on the result you want to get. Also, we have a guide on how to beat Stage 16-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom, feel free to check it out!

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Best Toppings For Blueberry Cookie – Cookie Run Kingdom Build Guide


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