How to Beat Stage 16-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom


When trying to complete the story mode in Cookie Run Kingdom, you need to adjust your strategy and make everything to maximize your effectiveness during different missions. This guide will teach you how to beat the stage 16-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom. We will help you not get killed instantly and win this mission as fast as possible.

Strategy for Stage 16-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom

If you want to 3-star Stage 16-30, the only option is to use well-improved level 70 cookies that can boast powerful stats and abilities. Below, we have prepared the best strategy for the Stage 16-30. Follow it, and you will easily complete it. 

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Rear Line

For the rear line, you must use Pure Vanilla and Unicorn cookies for healing. They will provide great survivability for your team, allowing allies to survive during the fight against the main boss.

Middle Line

The Middle Line should include support and attacking cookies. The perfect support is Cotton, and the attacker is variable. Choose from Squid Ink or Moonlight cookies. 

Front Line

Regarding the front line, Financier is one of the best options. But if you have another fully upgraded tank cookie, feel free to opt for it. 


Using passive boosts is also an essential part of your build. Opt for toppings that will improve ATK, Cooldown, and Crit Rate. Doing it will significantly increase your battle effectiveness, improving your in-game experience. 

Another trick to finish Stage 16-30 is to turn off the auto attack. Choose the most suitable target for your attacks yourself, and this complex mission will become more straightforward.

That’s it with beating Stage 15-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom. Try your best to make your team as similar to our build as possible, and you will 3-star this mission in a few minutes. Feel free to check our other articles. Here you will find various valuable guides about this game. For example, you can read our guide on how to beat Stage 16-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom.

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How to Beat Stage 16-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom


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