Should You Use the Blueberry Pie Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom? Answered


Cookie Run Kingdom can boast an extensive character system. The game has over 90 unique cookies, and this number increases with every update. Read this guide to learn if you should use the Blueberry Pie cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Can You Use Blueberry Pie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

If you head to Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List, you will find that Blueberry Pie is a solid Tier A cookie. Blueberry Pie is a perfect middle-position magic cookie. She is suitable not only for beginners but also for experienced players. 

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Moreover, some community-made tier lists put Blueberry Pie in Tier S. So, it is evident that Blueberry Pie is worth your attention

Why Is Blueberry Pie So Powerful?

One of the main reasons why Blueberry Pie is Tier A is her powerful skill called Cursed Tome. It summons an evil spirit who deals significant damage and applies the Greed of the Tome debuff effect. Cursed Tome also increases Blueberry Pie’s HP and Damage Resistance.

Regarding the toppings, the excellent idea is to opt for Searing Raspberry (Moonkissed) and Swift Chocolate (Moonkissed). Searing Raspberry gives you a bonus to attack, and Swift Chocolate decreases cooldown, significantly increasing her DPS.

How to Get Blueberry Pie Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Blueberry Pie is an Epic Cookie, meaning that her drop rates in Gacha depend on the number of Epic Cookies you already have. Initially, they are roughly 0,35%. She is the middle-rarity cookie, which can be unlocked even at the beginning of the game. Just play the game actively, and you will easily unlock Blueberry Pie.

That’s it with Blueberry Pie Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. This cookie is one of the most potent cookies in the game. She can be handy even if you are at the later game stages. Moreover, Blueberry Pie is widely used for fighting final bosses in the storyline. And while you are here, make sure to read our guide on how to beat Stage 16-10 in Cookie Run Kingdom.

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Should You Use the Blueberry Pie Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom? Answered


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