Home Game Guides Best Team Comps in Cookie Run Kingdom (February 2022)

Best Team Comps in Cookie Run Kingdom (February 2022)

Best Team Comps in Cookie Run Kingdom (February 2022)

Cookie Run: Kingdom is an exciting RPG in which players have to assemble a team of cute Cookies and fight against monsters. There is a huge variety of Cookies in the game, and they all have their roles and unique skills. It is very important to choose the right cookies for the team. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you how to do it.

Best Team Comps

There is a common type of team that has two strong damage dealers, one tank, a healer, and a fifth cookie that can be changed depending on what level you are going to pass.

Ideally, you can use three damage dealers such as Frost Queen Cookie, Vampire Cookie, and Sorbet Shark. You can’t win without a tank, because the tank will allow your damage dealers to live longer. Also, some tanks have skills that weaken the enemy’s defense, which will be very useful for your team. Good tanks are Strawberry Crepe Cookie and Madeleine Cookie. And of course, no team will live long without a healer. In most cases, one will be enough for you. There are also healers like Cotton Cookie, who not only heal but also deal good damage. Next, we offer you some of the best team compositions.

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Team 1:

  • Rye
  • Cotton Cookies
  • Latte Cookies
  • Sorbet Shark Cookies
  • Dark Choco Cookies

Team 2:

  • Vampire
  • Pure Vanilla Cookies
  • Sea Fairy Cookies
  • Sorbet Shark Cookies
  • Hollyberry Cookies

Using the principles described above, you can assemble a strong team from the cookies you have, or use ready-made and proven Team Comps.

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Best Team Comps in Cookie Run Kingdom (February 2022)


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