Best Team Composition for Super Mayhem in Cookie Run Kingdom


While playing the Cookie Run Kingdom you have to fight in several game modes, but over time they can all get boring. So that you do not get bored, the developers regularly introduce temporary events into the game or return old modes that were previously removed from the game. And in the latest update, Super Mayhem was returned to the game, and today we will tell you about the best teams for this game mode.

What is the Super Mayhem in Cookie Run Kingdom

Super Mayhem is an incredibly interesting seasonal mode that most players love. This game mode has a player versus player system, and to participate, you need to create three teams to fight against the teams of another player. By winning you will climb the rating ladder and earn exclusive and valuable rewards.

Super Mayhem’s seasonal mode is introduced several times a year and lasts for about 40 days, so you will have enough time to enjoy the game and get as many rewards as possible.

But just loving playing Super Mayhem is not enough to win, as you also need to be able to use cookie abilities in time and collect three good teams.

Best Team Composition for Super Mayhem in Cookie Run Kingdom

There are many unique and powerful cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom, but the best players will fight in Super Mayhem, so the characters for the teams must be the best.

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As we said earlier, you will need three strong teams to participate in Super Mayhem, and if you want to climb the ranking ladder as quickly as possible, we recommend the following.

Team Cookies 1

Front: Wildberry Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie.

Middle: Eclair Cookie.

Rear: Pure Vanilla Cookie, Cotton Cookie.

Team Cookies 2

Front: Hollyberry Cookie, Strawberry Crepe Cookie.

Middle: Sea Fairy Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie.

Rear: Parfait Cookie.

Team Cookies 3

Front: GingerBrave, Kumiho Cookie.

Middle: Clotted Cream Cookie, Caramel Arrow Cookie.

Rear: Almond Cookie.

Today we’ve shown you three of the best teams for Super Mayhem’s seasonal game mode. If you have all the necessary cookies for these teams that’s great, but if some characters are missing, you can replace them with others with similar abilities.

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Best Team Composition for Super Mayhem in Cookie Run Kingdom


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