Best Star Trek Fleet Command Mining Locations: Crystal Mining Locations


Star Trek: Fleet Command is a mobile strategy game from Digit Game Studios. In it players can explore systems, battle hostiles, and mine for resources. Mining crystals is one of the important features of Star Trek: Fleet Command. Find out below all about the best places to visit to mine these precious resources in our guide- Star Trek: Fleet Command Mining Locations: Crystal Mining Locations.

Crystal Mining in Star Trek Fleet Command

Once your ship is at a high enough level you can explore systems at a higher level and have a better chance of finding rare materials. Resource types include gases, ore, and crystals and they can all be mined across the systems.

Crystal comes in 3 grades (2, 3, and 4 stars) and at grade 3 it can be refined at the Refinery at ops level 20. It can be found in Neutral Zones and in Faction Zones, where it can be found in huge quantities.

raw_crystal mining star trek fleet command
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The best crew for crystal mining is one that has fast crystal mining and increased protected cargo such as the following:

  • Captain: Barot
  • Officer: Elea Makinen
  • Officer: Raphael DuPont

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Crystal Mining Locations

These are the locations crystals can be mined. The systems with asterisks (*) are the best of the best!

Crystal GradeSystemZoneWarp
2Bellas -12*Neutral8
2Nelve – 12*Neutral8
2Amador – 19Neutral12
2Astrid – 14Neutral12
2Lycia – 14Neutral12
2Azha – 20Neutral13
2Fastolf – 21Neutral15
2Archanis – 39Klingon52
3Francihk – 20*Klingon13
3Antonehk – 21Klingon13
3K’amia -24Klingon17
3Narendra – 25Neutral17
3Etaoin – 25Klingon18
3Maranga – 25Neutral18
3Enthra – 27Neutral19
3Abilakk Alpha – 30Neutral20
3Anzat Alpha – 30Neutral20
3Ber’Tho Alpha – 30Neutral20
3Bimasa Alpha – 30Neutral20
3Brellan Beta – 40Neutral20
3Brellan Gamma – 40Neutral20
3Duportas Alpha – 30Neutral20
3Morska – 29*Klingon20
3Perek – 24Neutral20
3Tezera Alpha – 30Neutral20
3Tholus Beta – 40Neutral20
3Tholus Gamma – 40Neutral20
3Tejat – 30Neutral22
3Willenia – 28Neutral22
3Van Cleef – 29Neutral24
3Pekka – 33Klingon26
3Lixar – 35Klingon28
3Lankal – 39Klingon40
3Nibiq – 38Neutral40
3Katovug – 39Klingon48
3B’Moth – 39Klingon50
3Ganalda – 39Klingon50
3Ty’Gokor – 39Klingon53
3YoDSutlj NaQ – 39Klingon61
4Brellan Alpha – 40 Neutral20
4Tholus Alpha – 40Neutral20
4Nikola – 41Neutral56
4Garyb – 40Klingon65
4Zlim’kach – 40Klingon65
4Maht-H’A – 44Klingon105
4Dohrmas – 46Klingon120
4Muhg – 48Klingon150
4Petandria – 48Neutral160
4Inoss – 50Klingon185

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That is all you need to know about mining crystals in Star Trek: Fleet Command. Happy mining and live long and prosper!

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Best Star Trek Fleet Command Mining Locations: Crystal Mining Locations


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