Best Spouse in Stardew Valley

How to Become Friends With Leo in Stardew Valley 1.5

You can be a good farmer on your own, but if you find a spouse and get married, farming days will become more fun, and doing everyday tasks will be much easier. The Stardew Valley game has this feature, and you can choose from a pair-up with six girls and six guys. But as in life, not all relationships are good, so today we will tell you about the four best spouses with whom you should start a relationship.

Best Husband in Stardew Valley


Shane is a great guy who loves pizza, beer, and pepper, and to start a relationship with him, you should him give these items. Shane works at Joja Mart, and you can find him there.

It will take a long time to marry this character, as at first, he will be rude and cold towards you. But if you can make Shane your spouse, you will receive gifts from him:

  • Pepper Poppers
  • Pale Ale
  • After getting married, Shane will bring some chickens to the farm.


Harvey is a kind doctor who hates junk food and takes good care of his patients. You can meet this character in the hospital, and to start a relationship with him, you need to give him the following items: coffee, wine, super meal, truffle oil, and pickles.

After marriage, Harvey will give you the best food that has the most beneficial effects, namely complete breakfast and fried eel.

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Best Wife in Stardew Valley


The gifts you get after the wedding are not the best, but this girl is easy to get along with, always in a good mood, and will support you in difficult times. Leah is a local artist, and to start a relationship with her, you need to give her the following items: salad, stir fry, vegetable medley, poppyseed muffin, goat cheese, truffle, and wine.

After you marry Leah, she will give you the following items:

  • Coffee
  • Fiddlehead Fern
  • Sometimes in rainy weather, she will give you mushrooms.


Abigail is a sweet and rebellious girl who is easy to get along with early in the game. To start a relationship with this girl, you need to give expensive gifts: pufferfish, pumpkin, banana pudding, amethyst, blackberry cobbler, spicy eel, and chocolate cake.

But despite the expensive gifts, it’s nothing compared to what you get from Abigail after marriage. You should marry this girl, if only because of the items that you will receive from her:

  • Solar/Void Essence
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Tom Kha Soup
  • Lobster Bisque
  • Fried Mushroom
  • Crab Cakes

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Best Spouse in Stardew Valley


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