Best Splatoon 3 Hairstyles Ranked

Splatoon 3 hairstyles
Image via Nintendo

One of the most popular games on Switch, Splatoon 3 gives you a good number of options for customization and making your character stand out. One of the aspects that can easily make your Splatoon 3 character pop is hairstyling, and the game comes with 24 different options.

Available options differ depending on who you choose to play with—Inklings have 16 hairstyles, and Octolings have 8.

To help you make better choices, we have compiled a ranked list of the 5 best Splatoon 3 hairstyles that doesn’t discriminate between Inklings and Octolings. What it does discriminate against is bad aesthetics, so expect only the top-tier options—no bowl cuts allowed!

5. Octolocks (Octoling)

Octolocks hairstyle Splatoon 3
Image via monkeygnomeisquiet

It might be the fact that this hairstyle leans heavily into the octopus-inspired look of Octolings, but whatever the reason, it just works. Octolocks tell us immediately that your Octoling goes with the flow but still knows how to splatter some ink around.

4. Cornrows (Inkling)

Cornrows hairstyle splatoon 3
Image via Calamar Cat

For an even cooler look, you should try out cornrows. They are modern, fun, and efficiently pulled back. Doesn’t matter which hair color—cornrows look great on all Inklings, but we are somewhat partial to purple.

3. Half-Braid (Inkling)

Half-braid Hairstyle Splatoon 3
Image via Calamar Cat

This hairstyle harkens back to the original Inkling girl look, but it is now updated and relies on asymmetry to provide that edgy vibe that will make your Inkling look so cool. Paired with the right hair color, this half-braid will turn heads for sure.

2. Punk (Octoling)

Punk Hairstyle Splatoon 3
Image via TrinityRBG

An Octoling wearing Punk means business, and you can tell that from the first look. With a mohawk-like tentacle on top and everything cut low on the sides, this look is a fashion statement as much as it’s a warning to your enemies.

1. Tentatwists (Octoling)

Tentatwists hairstyle splatoon 3
Image via monkeygnomeisquiet

Classic, feminine, elegant, but also playful, seductive, and sassy—this look is number one in our books. We find that it works best with blonde hair, but it will look good regardless of color. You can pair it up with a cute piece of headgear for an even more impactful look.

And there you have it—our top 5 Splatoon 3 hairstyles for both Inklings and Octolings. Let us know which hairstyles you like and check out our other Splatoon 3 articles, including How to Upgrade Hero Gear or How to Add More Ability Slots.

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Best Splatoon 3 Hairstyles Ranked


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