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Best Skills in Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

Best Skills in Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna
Credit to Super Planet
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In Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna, skills are essential for boosting the power of your team as well as you. Beat enemies is a team effort here, so you have to work together. These are the best skills in Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna.

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How To Get Skills In Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

Skills in Little Knight Luna
Credit to Super Planet

To get skills, you have to pull them from the Skills Gacha pool. You can find this by tapping on the treasure chest icon at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. This is where you can find all of the gachas for other battle items such as relics and weapons.

When you do pulls, you’ll actually level up the summoning pool and the stronger it gets, the better items you’ll collect. Because of this, it’s worth doing pulls often. This is a unique take compared to other gacha games where you’re encouraged to save currency.

Also, if you get copies of different skills, you can use them to level said skill!

The Strongest Skills in Little Knight Luna

Here are our picks for the strongest skills in Little Knight Luna, in no particular order (it’s a bit situational, right?):

1. Oren’s Last Firework

A useful flame-based skill is Oren’s Last Firework, where damage against enemies is multiplied by 250. This works best if you have other flame skills equipped. Should the enemy be affected by burn, this will work even stronger. Another powerful one with similar effects is the Fire Blast skill.

2. Blast

Blast is a neutral skill that works well because its effects aren’t specific, and it doesn’t use up a lot of power. You always need an all-purpose skill like this.

3. Cindy’s Protection

There are some skills that require tapping and others that automatically go into effect, called passive skills. To give Luna an attack boost, you can set up Cindy’s Protection.

4. Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt does a high percentage of attack and can do extra of so if your enemy has the electric shock status effect. The cooldown for it is 9 seconds.

5. Frozen Meteor

To deal some spicy ice damage, you can use Frozen Meteor. This skill packs an icy melee move that will make even the subzero dairy section in your grocery store seem tame.

6. Rachel’s Protection

With Rachel’s Protection, you can stall in battles with time limits thanks to its effect of stopping time for 5 seconds. Note that this has a long cooldown period of 25 seconds.

Use these powers to defeat enemies of evil in Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna today!

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Best Skills in Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna