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Best Ships in Everspace 2

Best Ships in Everspace 2
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While looting and shooting across the galaxies you are going to want a ship fit for purpose. Whatever type of adventure your are looking for, Everspace 2, has the ships to fit your playstyle. Ships fall into 3 main classes and multiple sub-classes with special abilities and strengths. Check out the list below to find the ship perfect for you.

All Ships in Everspace 2

Each ships falls in the category Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each ship has its own strength, level of agility, armor and weaponry types. They can be different tiers which, as they increase, increase stats for shield, armor, hull, speed, and handling. The best ships from each class are the Scout (Light), Interceptor (Medium), and Gunship (Heavy).

Scout Ship – Light Class

The Scout light-class ship targets enemy ships from afar, which is perfect as its defenses are not too strong. They grant a 4% damage bonus for every 100 meters between the Scout and the opponent. The Ultimate (ULT) is invisibility and a boost to weapon damage by 300%.

Interceptor – Medium Class

The Interceptor medium-class ship is a great all-rounder, versatile and pretty powerful for a medium class. There are three weapon slots for both primary and secondary weaponry. Damage and fire rate are increased thanks to the Interceptor ULT, and alongside unlimited energy, this medium class ship is a great choice.

Gunship – Heavy Class

The heavy-class Gunship is the perfect choice for players who want a big-damage tank role. This ship comes with two extra primary weapon hardpoints, which brings heavy DPS to opponents. Gunship’s ULT fires off projectiles from an automated turret, meaning you can have all weapons blazing during a battle. What it lacks in speed it makes up for in brute force and power.

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Image via Rockfish Games
ScoutLightRangerShadow StrikeWeapon Range
VanguardLightOverchargeTime ExtenderCritical Rear Attack
StingerLightDevice MasterVoid SwarmAdditional Hardpoint Duration
InterceptorMediumPower ConverterWeapon OverdriveWeapon Energy Consumption
SentinelMediumInductionStatic Overload Shield Damage Reduction
StrikerMediumClose CombatQuantum TetherBoost Speed
GunshipHeavy ArsenalTurretArmor Damage Reduction
BomberHeavyConversion ARC-9000Repair Hull on Damage
VindicatorHeavyReanimatorPhalanxDrone Hitpoints / Drone Damage

Whichever ship you choose, you are guaranteed to have a fierce battle across the stars. For all the best weaponry in Everspace 2 visit our weapons guide.

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Best Ships in Everspace 2


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