Best Shield Breakers in Tower of Fantasy Listed


In Tower of Fantasy, throughout your adventures across the world of Aesperia, you’ll come across powerful enemies sporting protective shields. You’ll have to break through these shields before you can really put the hurt on them. Some weapons are better suited for than others, so here are the best shield breakers in Tower of Fantasy listed!

Tower of Fantasy: Best Weapons to Use for Shield Breaking

Before we start, if you don’t know how shield breaking works in Tower of Fantasy, make sure to read our guide on the basics of shield breaking. This should you get you up to speed and teach you all the important nuances about shield breaking.

In Tower of Fantasy, all weapons have two abilities on them: shatter and charge. Shatter determines how strong the weapon is at breaking shields, while charge determine how fast it gains its discharge attack. Both abilities are ranked from C to S, with S being the highest.

If you’re looking for a weapon that is highly effective at breaking shields, you’ll want to pick the ones that have the highest shatter ranking. Weapons with S-rank shatter deal tons of shield damage.

Rosy Edge is an SSR sword with S-rank shatter.

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Today, we’re going to list the weapons that are the best shield breakers in the game, ordered by highest to the lowest rank. You can reference this with your weapon library to see what you can choose from.

S-Rank Shield Breaking Weapons

  • Thunderous Halberd (SR)
  • Scythe of the Crow (SSR)
  • Rosy Edge (SSR)

A-Rank Shield Breaking Weapons

  • Pummeler (SR)
  • The Terminator (SR)
  • Molten Shield V2 (SSR)
  • Chakram of the Seas (SSR)

B-Rank Shield Breaking Weapons

  • Composite Bow (R)
  • Nightingale’s Feather (SR)
  • Staff of Scars (SR)
  • EM Blade (R)
  • Frosted Spear (R)
  • Negating Cube (SSR)
  • Thunderblades (SSR)
  • Absolute Zero (SSR)
  • Icewind Arrow (SSR)

C-Rank Shield Breaking Weapons

  • Combat Blade (R)

Keep in mind that there are other factors involved when attempting to break shields. The green physical shield take little to no shield damage from purely physical weapons, so make sure you choose the right weapon for the job.

That concludes our guide on the best shield breakers in Tower of Fantasy. Do you know of any weapons that are great at shield breaking? Let us know in the comments below!

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Best Shield Breakers in Tower of Fantasy Listed


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