All Locked Doors Passwords in Tower of Fantasy


There is a huge amount of different RPGs and it seems that Tower of Fantasy is going to be an exciting release in this genre. It features an open world filled with various locations, NPCs, enemies, and secrets. Among these points of interest, you can find locked doors that you will have to open by using the correct code. In this guide, we will tell you all the locked door passwords in Tower of Fantasy.

Locked Doors in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a game with lots of different activities that you can do and this RPG’s world hides many secrets. There is a huge amount of locations that you can visit and find valuable loot. Locked Doors are some of the most interesting places to visit. There you will find special devices that require you to enter the correct password to open the door.

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Locked Doors provide you with different items if you unlock them. However, you will have to know their passwords and today we are going to help you.

All Locked Doors Passwords in Tower of Fantasy

Currently, there are 10 Locked Doors that you can find in Tower of Fantasy. Here is the list of all these doors, their locations, coordinates, and passwords you will have to use to unlock them:

HT201 Shelter85, 9671647
Seaforth Dock515, 7683594
The Lumina734, 8497268
The Lumina788, 6791024
Navia-757, -5695972
Navia-645, -8493344
Miner’s Camp376, 2454753
Aarniel Fortress380, -8328521
Secret Aida Base Dawn Frontier651, -12427092
North Seventh Day Forest-536, -4482202

These are all the passwords from all Locked Doors that you can find in Tower of Fantasy but the developers may add more in future updates. So, we will try to update you with actual information about the game and its content. Good luck with your adventures in Tower of Fantasy!

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All Locked Doors Passwords in Tower of Fantasy


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