Lolita’s Riddles Solution Guide in Tower of Fantasy


If you want to complete the questline in Tower of Fantasy, you will face many interesting NPCs. And one of the most exciting NPCs is Lolita. Read this guide, and you will find all of Lolita’s Riddles solutions in Tower of Fantasy. So, there is no time to lose; let’s get started!

Answers for Lolita’s Riddles Solution in Tower of Fantasy

The fact is that Lolita will ask you questions about the world that your character is living in. If you are an experienced player, there is nothing hard in answering all her questions. However, if you are a beginner, you need some tips, as it is impossible to answer them randomly. So, if you want the solution, just check out the guide below.

  • Q: What is the name of the comet that Project Prism intends to capture?
    • A: The comet, Mara.
  • Q: Which organization is credited with the invention of suppressors?
    • A: Hykros.
  • Q: Do you know what happens to ordinary people if they lose their suppressors?
    • A: They will turn into aberrants.
  • Q: There are two kinds of Omnium Towers in the world: those that send Omnium, and those that receive it. Now then, do you know which Omnium Tower is the sending kind?
    • A: Tower of Fantasy.
  • Q: In total, how many Omnium Towers are there in the world?
    • A: Five

Completing the Lolita questions will not be a problem for you with these answers. You will get 3 Weapon Batteries level 1 and 971 EXP, which is a good reward. And if you want to get more tips and tricks on this game for more resources, just follow our website

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In conclusion, it is hard to complete Lolita randomly without answers. However, if you have read the guide, answering her questions will be a piece of cake for you. That is how it is. Thank you for reading the manual. Hope you find it helpful!

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Lolita’s Riddles Solution Guide in Tower of Fantasy


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