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Best Ragnarok Origin Stalker Build

Best Ragnarok Origin Stalker Build
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If you enjoy stealth and ranged combat but still don’t want to give up on some melee experience as well, then, the Stalker build is for you. Stalkers are the next-level progressions for Rogues (which build on the initial Thief class), available as a job change option at level 70. This class/job is great for WoE and PvP, but you can have fun with it in PvM gameplay as well.

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In case this job has your interest but you’re not sure how to get the best out of it, follow our advice on the best Ragnarok Origin Stalker build, and you’ll become the greatest threat from the shadows before you can say backstabbing!

Best Stalker Build in Ragnarok Origin

Ragnarok Origin Stalker in a fight
Screenshot via Gravity CO. YouTube

When it comes to stats allocation for this job, we recommend getting most of your points into STR and the rest into DEX if you want more physical range when using a crossbow. Other stats pretty much don’t require any of your attention so feel free to leave them at the minimum. In case you want to improve your critical hits, then, you may want to invest your points in LUK as well.

For skills, we advise going all in for the Backstab skill in the 3rd Job Change skill tree and then focusing on the Surprise Attack and Plagiarism. At its best, Backstab brings you 300% +350 Neutral Physical Damage and even more if you’re attacking from the back.

Best Stalker Equipment in Ragnarok Origin

As for the weapons, you can go with Dragon Bowblade. If you get it to level 110, it comes with a 100% damage multiplier. Another favorite is the Elven Crossblade for better critical and backstab damage.

The armor you will want to have is the Tyr set, Valy’s Manteau, and Vidar’s Boots as you get +2 ATK for every 1 STR. Considering the advised stats allocation, this will be a significant boost to your attack power.

For the rest of your gear, you can go for the pieces that give you bonus stats that make sense for your preferred gameplay style. For example, our favorites include:

  • Pharaoh Headware (Headgear)
  • Rainbow Goggles (Face)
  • Peace Pipe (Mouth)
  • Purple Rhyme (Costume)
  • School Umbrella (Back)

The same goes for accessories—you can pick the Pendant of Chaos for boosts to your ATK, STR, and DEX.

We hope this guide helps you build the best Stalker in Ragnarok Origin but don’t forget to have fun and feel free to add your own twist to it. In the meantime, you can check out more useful tips and guides in our dedicated Ragnarok Origin section here on TouchTapPlay!

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Best Ragnarok Origin Stalker Build


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