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Ragnarok Origin Beginner’s Guide – Best Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

Ragnarok Origin Beginner’s Guide – Best Strategy, Tips, and Tricks
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The time has come for you to explore the wondrous secrets of Rune-Midgarts—and look completely adorable while doing it! Ragnarok Origin presents a big open world teeming with adventures across sprawling landscapes, magical kingdoms, and dangerous dungeons.

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You may have already heard a thing or two about this game since the original came out on PC in 2003. However, if you’re starting your Ragnarok Origin experience on a mobile device now, you will benefit from our best strategy advice, tips, and tricks in this Ragnarok Origin beginner’s guide.

Finish the Tutorial and Choose Your Job Carefully

Ragnarok Origin class tier list
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When you start the game, you will get acquainted with the gameplay mechanics through a series of simple tutorials that will teach you how to fight, introduce mounts, and show you how to change your character’s appearance, among other things.

Still, the most important part comes at the end of your first to-do list in Ragnarok Origin—choosing a job. Jobs in this game are technically character classes, and you will face six options at first:

  • Swordsman
  • Archer
  • Mage
  • Acolyte
  • Thief
  • Merchant

This decision is important because it will influence your overall experience as different classes engage in combat differently. If you have trouble making this decision, check out our Ragnarok Origin class tier list for more help! Don’t worry if your job doesn’t turn out everything you wanted it to be—you will be able to change it at level 70.

Complete (All the) Quests

events ragnarok origin
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It goes without saying that you will probably focus on main quests as you move on in the game, but there is more to do than just do the campaign. If you want to level up more quickly and gain Base and Job EXP, you should also do side quests given by different NPCs and Daily Quests too.

Dailies include tasks of varying difficulty levels ranging from eliminating elite monsters to fishing. If you start a daily quest today, you can finish it the next day, which gives you a bit more leeway with managing your in-game time. Don’t forget to explore the Events section as well for more opportunities to earn experience points and valuable resources.

Farm More Smartly

If you’re using hunting to farm cards, resources, or different items, you should try to hit the sweet spot in the level gap for maximum results. You get 120 minutes of hunting per day, so you better make it count.

First of all, look for big areas that contain a lot of monsters, but pay attention to their levels. The best option is to hunt monsters that are 5 to 10 levels above yours so that you can get 110% EXP and material benefits. If you’re hunting for weaker monsters, you shouldn’t go for those that are more than 5 levels below you.

Also, keep in mind that you can extend your farming time with Freya’s Luck, but this will only apply when hunting for items and not EXP. You can also boost your attack power, which makes for more efficient farming, by consuming different meals and potions (obtainable at the shop or created from ingredients gained from hunting and fishing).

Invest in Your Stats (and Use Reset Stones if You Mess Up)

Ragnarok Origin
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Leveling up and increasing your stats go hand in hand because each time you increase your level, you will receive attribute points that you can distribute the way you want. To ensure the best possible build, you should pay attention when choosing your job because the game tells you which stats you should focus on for each class. We bring you a brief overview for further clarification of what you get from each stat:

  • STR – important for melee damage and inventory size increase
  • VIT – important for defense by increasing HP
  • AGI – improves attack speed and Flee
  • DEX – important for ranged attacks, casting speed, and better hit chance
  • LUK – improves crit defense and crit rate
  • INT – important for SP regen and better magic attacks

Of course, you can experiment a bit and play around with different distributions. For example, you can build your Swordsman to be more of a tank if you invest heavily in VIT.

You will receive three Reset Stones for free, but you will have to pay in Catnip, so make sure that you’re satisfied with your choices.

Join a Guild

Guilds in Ragnarok Origin
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We strongly believe that one of the best aspects of games like Ragnarok Origin is the community you can build with other players. Besides unique perks that you will get by joining a guild, you will be able to count on the help of your guild members with challenging tasks and bosses.

If you don’t have other people to form your own guild with when this option unlocks at level 16, you can choose one of many available and welcoming communities and make new friendships.

We hope these tips make your start in Ragnarok Origin easier and more relaxed. Have fun exploring the game, and come back to our dedicated Ragnarok Origin section for more helpful guides.

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Ragnarok Origin Beginner’s Guide – Best Strategy, Tips, and Tricks


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