Eve Echoes is the mobile version of the widely popular spaceship MMO Eve Online that offers similar features as the original game, such as PVP combat, expanding the reign via diplomacy and military power, adding recruits, building corporations, huge sandbox open world, and more.

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There are a total of five races in Eve Echoes. Out of which players can choose between four races to start the journey. These races are Amarr, Caldari, Minmatar and Gallente. Choosing the best race in an MMO like Eve Echoes depends on your liking, playstyle, requirements and other aspects.

In this article, we will list down all the races in Eve Echoes with their basic lore, race bonus and the different groups that are found within the race. So, go through the article, and at the end, you will have a basic idea of which race to opt for.

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If you want to go with our opinion, then we would say, the Gallente is the best starting race in Eve Echoes. With that being said, here are the different races and their race bonus in Eve Echoes.


Amarr is one of the largest and oldest empires in New Eden ruled by the Amarr Empress. It is a theocratic society that generally has highly educated and devoutly religious people that are ruled by an authoritarian nobility.

Race Bonus

  • Laser: Instant EM and thermal damage.
  • Drone: Remote craft with various functions.
  • Armor: Easy-to-repair defence.

Different groups within Amarr

  • Amarr: Politicians.
  • Ni-Kunni: Traders.
  • Khanid: Warriors.


The Caldari state is a patriotic one build with strong ideals, only to later on come under a powerful corporate dictatorship. The past leaders fought hard to achieve greatness. And, the current leaders work ruthlessly and efficiently in every manner, may it be the boardroom or the battlefield.

Race Bonus

  • Railgun: instant kinetic and thermal damage
  • Missiles: delayed impact with powerful damage
  • Shield: quickly rechargeable defence system with power cost

Different groups within Caldari

  • Deteis: Authoritarians
  • Civire: Competitives
  • Achura: introverts


Gallente is one of the best races to join if you are a new player. Because the Gallente people are kind, respects freedom over anything else, they produce outstanding leaders, scientists, and businessmen in modern history. Moreover, they welcome immigrants from other races. Making them a diverse society filled with different ethnicity.

Race Bonus

  • Railgun: instant kinetic and thermal damage
  • Drone: remote craft with various functions
  • Armor: easy-to-repair defence

Different groups within Gallente

  • Gallente: Freedom Fighters
  • Intaki: Thinkers
  • Jin-Mei: Social Climbers


The Minmatar republic is an empire with strong nomadic culture. The empire was found during the great rebellion supported by the Gallente Federation. Most of the Minmatar people live all across New Eden, while some are subjugated by the Amarr state.

Race Bonus

  • Cannon: a weapon than doesn’t require power
  • Shield: quickly rechargeable defence system with power cost
  • Armor: easy-to-repair defence

Different groups within Minmatar

  • Sebiestor: Engineers
  • Brutor: Humble Beginnings
  • Vherokior: Everyman

Eve Echoes is currently available for free on Android and iOS platforms.

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