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Best Quetzalcoatl Build in Fate Grand Order

Best Quetzalcoatl Build in Fate Grand Order

If you’ve made it to the Babylon chapter in Fate Grand Order, chances are you met the lovely Quetzalcoatl. Or maybe you got her Santa version. This big sister servant is a strong luchador who loves a good match. Her heart is just as strong as her biceps. A rider class servant, she owns and train several different quetzalcoatlus dinosaurs, the largest of whom is her main mount. Despite being one of the oldest servants in the game, Quetzalcoatl, or Quetz, is an extremely strong rider class servant worth getting. This is the best Quetzalcoatl build in Fate Grand Order.

How To Get Quetzalcoatl In Fate Grand Order

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Quetzalcoatl is not a limited servant, but she is story locked, which means she will not be added to the general summoning pool of your game until you complete the Babylon chapter from start to finish. This means that once you finish, there is a chance of her surprising you during your pulls. She does have banners occasionally, but they are rare occurrences.

How To Use Quetzalcoatl In Fate Grand Order

Quetzalcoatl fighting in Fate Grand Order

This goddess is a single target attacker, which means she does her best damage when used to fight bosses and wave with one big enemy. Since riders are strong against casters, she is an excellent option for using on that class of bosses, particularly one in the beginning of the Lostbelt arc. Since she is a buster and arts servant, you can use casters like Tamamo and Merlin to boost her.

All Of Quetzalcoatl’s Skills In Fate Grand Order

Quetz’s skills boost both herself and her teammates on the field. Her first skill will raise the attack of all the allies and her second will give guts to any ally of your choice. Guts is a boost where if the units HP goes to 0, they will come back to life at a certain point. Characters with this skill are really helpful for long battles. Her last skill is mostly self-focused, raising her damage rate, booster her special attack bar and heighten critical star gain.

Overall, Quetz is an excellent rider with lots of charisma in personality and skills. She’s fairly easy to use and universally purposeful, having skills that benefit both herself and the other servants. When you summon her, it will certainly be a gamechanger.

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Best Quetzalcoatl Build in Fate Grand Order


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