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Best PvP Base Builds in Minecraft Legends

Best PvP Base Builds in Minecraft Legends
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Good strategy and preparation are everything in a PvP match in Minecraft Legends. While your ultimate base build will heavily depend on your enemy’s behavior and/or personal gameplay style, there are some tried-and-true tips that should secure you a win and make sure your tower keeps standing up at the end of that match.

Don’t worry if you’ve experienced defeat after defeat playing against others in this action strategy game—that ends now. With our guide and the best PvP base builds in Minecraft Legends, you’ll be able to withstand even the strongest of onslaughts.

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Best PvP Base Builds in Minecraft Legends

It won’t matter much if you unlock all the best defensive structures in Minecraft Legends and gather enough resources to build everything you need if you don’t know how to organize it all and protect the core of your base against enemy waves.

Walls, towers, ice traps… let’s see how to utilize all of these bad boys in the best possible way.

Star-Shaped Layout and Arrow Tower Galore

Building walls in the shape of a star is effective for several reasons—it creates quite uncomfortable angles for enemy attacks and gives you more control over your defenses. You shouldn’t get comfortable with only one ring of walls but add several parallel structures if possible, and then put the gates in awkward places that will confuse your enemies some more. Make sure to leave enough space between different rings for several Spawners and your next line of defense—towers.

The walls are not enough. Supplement your defenses by placing Arrow Towers at least at the tips of your star fortress. If you have enough resources, add more of them and space them out evenly so that the arrows can do significant damage to the enemy in every direction even before their forces arrive at your walls. In case your resources allow you, use the combination of Arrow and Scatter Towers to cover more ground. Even though this build is more on the basic and cheap side, it should still do wonders for your protection.

Walls, Towers, and Traps

Minecraft Legends Carpenter Hut
Image via Blackbird Interactive

For a more advanced version, you will still need several layers of walls—that should be a must in any case—but this time, try to make them thicker instead of using just single rows. Furthermore, besides Arrow and Scatter Towers, you should add some Ice Traps right behind the walls so that you can slow down enemy advances. They are especially effective around gates.

If you have the chance, invest in Kaboomery to increase the power of your towers as it turns arrows into explosive projectiles, and you can take it all up a notch by adding a Battle Drum to increase the firing rate.

To show the enemy that your base is a tough nut to crack, build a Carpenter Hut (or several) since this structure grants your defenses the power of regeneration.

Going All In

This build is for those who unlocked all structures and don’t struggle with resources. While the basic defense consisting of walls and Archer Towers can get you far, you should strive to build a proper behemoth of a fortress by using everything at your disposal. In addition to multi-ring walled defenses and upgraded Archer and Scatter Towers, go for power towers that will help you by stunning, freezing, or blasting your enemies before they reach your gates.

A Carpenter Hut is a must for such an advanced build, but you should also invest in a Masonry so that your wooden structures can turn into stone. Good luck getting through that, enemy!

In case your foe shows up with Redstone Launchers, everything will become much more complicated, but there’s still hope. Try to get a few Protector Towers and place them in strategic positions because they are the only decent protection against the devastating power of those launchers. Also, you can build a couple of your own to wreak havoc on the enemy waves, but be aware that this build with all the bells and whistles will cost you an arm and a leg.

That concludes our guide to the best PvP base builds in Minecraft Legends. Let us know if any of these bring you victory and check out our dedicated Minecraft Legends section for more useful tips and tricks.

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Best PvP Base Builds in Minecraft Legends


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