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How PvP Is Going to Work in Minecraft Legends – Multiplayer Details

How PvP Is Going to Work in Minecraft Legends – Multiplayer Details

Minecraft Legends from Mojang Studios is arriving this year for Xbox, Playstation, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Due in April 2023, the action-strategy game takes place within the Minecraft universe where the player is the hero who must save the Overworld from the spread of corruption from the Nether. It has been announced that Minecraft Legends will offer both single-player and multiplayer gameplay. Find out below how PvP is going to work in Minecraft Legends – multiplayer details.

All About Minecraft Legends Multiplayer Gameplay

Minecraft Legends offers a multiplayer option where you can face off against not only the piglins and whatever else comes for a fight, but also other real-life players! According to the big brains behind this latest Minecraft venture, players will be given the chance to fight alongside or against their friends in a “familiar yet fresh” take on the classic Minecraft experience.

Minecraft Legends (via Minecraft / YouTube)

Like the original Minecraft, the maps will have the ability to generate randomly with different resources and landscapes to work with. Resources will be limited so a certain amount of strategy will come into play if you want access to it all. Players can choose to focus on clever strategy, quick building, or working together for resources, or they could just have straight up fighting and sabotage to be the last ones standing. As the devs have said, it will be “chaotic fun”!

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The game’s objective is to destroy the opposing team’s base in a team vs team battle, each team consisting of up to 4 players. These teams will be battling each other, but will also have to watch out for piglins! There could be moments where a player is defending their base on one side from the enemy team, when piglins suddenly attack the other side.

Check out the devs talking about the upcoming Minecraft Legends in the video below:

That is all we know right now about the new Minecraft Legends coming soon in 2023. Next up, why not check out more information on Minecraft Legends. Good luck!

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How PvP Is Going to Work in Minecraft Legends – Multiplayer Details


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