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Best Defensive Structures to Protect Base in Minecraft Legends

Best Defensive Structures to Protect Base in Minecraft Legends
Screenshot via Minecraft YouTube

A new day has come in the Overworld, and the sun is shining—all is well. But, then you get the dreaded message—the Piglins will attack your villages tonight. You shouldn’t despair, though. There is still time to prepare your defenses and ensure the Village Fountain survives the onslaught.

Your success depends on a good defense strategy and the ways you use available structures to create an impenetrable base that will repel the Piglins. However, not all buildings meant for this purpose will be equally effective. We give you our list of the best defensive structures to protect your base in Minecraft Legends with the best tips to make sure you win.

Best Defensive Structures in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends defending a base
Screenshot via Minecraft YouTube

The basis of your defense will be the walls. Use them to encircle your base and experiment with different layouts when you’re playing PvP and the main campaign. We recommend going for a star-shaped design whenever possible but make sure to use several layers or rings to make it more difficult for the enemy to reach the center of your base.

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Besides walls, Minecraft Legends features several other defensive structures that you can count on to survive the waves of enemies. While each one has its perks and can help you repel the attackers in some way, we bring you the list of defensive structures that proved irreplaceable in our experience:

  • Arrow Towers
  • Masonry and Carpenter Huts
  • Redstone Launchers

Arrow Towers

Minecraft Legends has more advanced towers with specialized attacks, like Stun, Frost, and Blast Tower—and they can all be a great addition to your defenses—but the good old Arrow Towers saved the day so many times for us that they are constantly at the top of our list of the best defensive structures.

If you’re defending your Fountain, you can put Arrow Towers at every corner of your innermost wall enclosure. Otherwise, include them evenly in your outer wall ring as they will prove indispensable in removing lower-tier enemies even before they reach your base.

If you have access to all structures and enough resources to build them, we advise combining different types of towers—at least Arrow and Scatter Towers. While Arrow Towers have a shorter recharge time, Scatter Towers provide more damage, especially to enemies that come closer.

Masonry and Carpenter Huts

These neat structures provide useful upgrades to your existing defenses. Even though they might be on the pricier side when it comes to crafting resources, they’re usually worth it. Masonry will turn your walled defenses into stone, considerably improving their durability, which just may be the crucial element in your surviving the attack.

While Masonry strengthens your other structures, a Carpenter Hut repairs them, technically serving as the healer of your base. If you can’t cover all of the structures in your base with one hut, build additional ones, but you should know that the repairing effects don’t stack up.

Redstone Launchers

If you want to show more initiative in your defense strategy, there’s no better structure to use than a Redstone Launcher. While they are primarily offensive weapons, they can supplement your defenses very well, even though you will have to sacrifice a good amount of your resources—50 Wood, 100 Stone, and 100 Redstone.

The damage that comes from Redstone Launchers is immense and cannot be countered, but you do have to operate them manually and deal with a significant cooldown.

Those are the best defensive structures in Minecraft Legends in our opinion. Let us know in the comments which ones are indispensable for you and check out more useful guides in our dedicated Minecraft Legends section.

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Best Defensive Structures to Protect Base in Minecraft Legends


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