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Can You Mine in Minecraft Legends?

Can You Mine in Minecraft Legends?
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The Piglins are spreading all over the Overworld, and it’s up to you to save the day in Minecraft Legends. But how will you do it without the necessary resources? Well, the resources are there, but the big question is how to get them.

Mining has been the crucial aspect of Minecraft games—the name says it all. But, can you mine in Minecraft Legends? After all, this game is a rather different experience. In this guide, we answer all your questions about mining and gathering resources in the latest addition to this pixelated universe.

Can You Mine in Minecraft Legends?

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Image via Blackbird Interactive

You can’t really mine in Minecraft Legends—if mining means only digging for different ores with a pickaxe. This, however, doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get all kinds of resources that you need to progress in this spin-off game.

In Minecraft Legends, different ores and materials are scattered across the surface, and Allays are there once again to help you collect them.

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Where to Find Different Resources in Minecraft Legends

The key to gathering different materials in Minecraft Legends is knowing where to look for them. We bring you a brief overview of the most common ores and resources and the best method to get them:

  • Iron: found in Forest and Dry Savanna biomes; use Allays to gather the ore
  • Coal: found in Badlands and Meadow biomes
  • Redstone: found in Swamp and Jungle biomes
  • Lapis: found in Village Chests and after defeating Piglins
  • Diamonds: found in Tundra and Jagged Peaks biomes

When you locate the materials you’re looking for, you can direct Allays to gather them for you.

Where to Find Gold in Minecraft Legends

Since standard mining is out of the question in this game, you may wonder about the best way to find gold in Minecraft Legends. To get gold in Minecraft Legends, you will need to focus on destroying Piglins’ bases, which usually have gold mines on the outskirts.

Keep in mind not to destroy the Nether Portals located at the center of each base first because it will take all the surrounding structures with it, and you won’t have enough time to get to all the mining machines.

Besides destroying the enemy’s gold mines, you will get some gold from simply killing Piglins as higher-tier enemies sometimes drop this precious resource. You can also find some in Piglin Chests that appear once you clear the whole base.

We hope this guide helps you gather all the resources you need in Minecraft Legends more easily. For more useful tips, check out our dedicated Minecraft Legends section here on TouchTapPlay!

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Can You Mine in Minecraft Legends?


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