Best Professions to Pick in Stardew Valley


Once you start playing Stardew Valley, you will have to overcome many challenges before your farm can flourish. But the game will not leave you alone with problems, and you can get a lot of bonuses and buffs by increasing your in-game level. Once you reach levels 5 and 10 in the game, you can choose one of several professions for each skill, and in this choice, you first need to be guided by your preferences. But still, some professions are much more helpful than others, and today we will tell you about them.

Best Professions to Pick in Stardew Valley

As we said earlier, at levels 5 and 10 you can choose a profession for each of the five skills:

  • Farming
  • Mining 
  • Foraging 
  • Fishing 
  • Combat

Some professions are almost useless during the game, while others, on the contrary, will help you achieve your goals faster. In different game situations, each profession can become helpful, but some are much better than others, so we have prepared for you a list of the best professions for each skill in the game.

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Stardew Valley: The Best Professions For Every Skill

Stardew Valley Best Professions

Type ProfessionsProfessions lvl 5 Professions lvl 10
CombatFighter: All attacks deal 10% more damage and you receive +15 HP.Brute: Damage is increased another 15% to 25% over base.
FarmingTiller: Crops are worth 10% more.Artisan: Artisan Goods are worth 50% more.
FishingFisher: The fisher profession offers a 25% boost to all fish value.Angler: Fish are now worth 50% more.
ForagingForester: Wood is worth 50% more.Lumberjack: Normal trees occasionally drop hardwood.
MiningGeologist: Gems have a chance to spawn in pairs.Excavator: Geode find doubled.

These were the best professions in Stardew Valley. But do not forget that our top of the best professions is only a recommendation, and for many players, it may be subjective. Stardew Valley is created for you to enjoy the gameplay, so choose what you like, but don’t forget about professions that will give you the best bonuses.

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Best Professions to Pick in Stardew Valley


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