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Best Profession in Sun Haven

Check out our guide to find out which profession is best to choose in Sun Haven, including hints and tips on which race to choose

You can choose to be whoever you want to be in Sun Haven, from the choice of race to the profession of your character. These choices will affect some aspects of the game such as boosts in crafting speed, Mana Orbs, or extra gold and food. The main gameplay won’t be affected so you don’t have to worry too much about which you choose, but if you have specific gameplay strengths or wants for your own character then you will want to figure out what race and profession you want to have. Check out the perks for each race and profession below and see which is the best profession for you in Sun Haven.

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Professions and Races in Sun Haven

Choosing a profession really depends on what you want in Sun Haven. If you are looking to have faster movement speed then the best choice is Explorer but my personal choice is Duelist for the HP boost which I find super helpful in battles. It is good to consider which profession will help balance or compliment the race you have chosen for your character. For example if you have chosen Human then the best choices would be Duelist or Scout. This would give them a boost in battle as well as crafting speed so they can create weaponry and then take them out to combat.

Races in Sun Haven

HumanExpert Crafter: 20% crafting speed boost
ElfElven Eyes: 10% crossbow damage boost
DemonShadow Rush Spell: 75% movement speed increase for 5 seconds with 10 minute cooldown
AngelMiracle Spell: Summon Angelic Miracle to heal self and others near for 20 HP with 10 minute cooldown
AmariPrimal Nature: Increased chance to restore HP while attacking enemies
ElementalElemental Tap Spell: Restore 20 Mana to you and nearby players with 10 minute cooldown
NagaSiren’s Touch: 25% increase chance to find fishing spot

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Sun Haven fishing
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Professions in Sun Haven

Farmer4 x Tomato, 4 x Potato, 4 x Onion Seeds, 400 Gold
Orchard Farmer2 x Apple Tree Seeds, 5 x Apples, 5 x Blueberries, 500 Gold
Rancher1 x Chicken, 1 x Animal Tag, 10 x Animal Feed, 500 Gold
Explorer+5 Movement Speed, 8 x Berries, 500 Gold
Spell Caster+8 Mana, +3 Spell Damage, 600 Gold
Duelist+8 Health, +3 Attack Damage, 600 Gold
Tool Master1 x Anvil, 7 x Copper, 500 Gold Ingots
Angler1 x Small Fishing Net, 4 x Carp, 600 Gold
Baker1 x Pot, 1 x Bakery Station, 6 x Flour, 400 Gold
Past Life Royalty1 Crown Cosmetic, 1000 Gold

Choose your profession and race according to whatever type of gameplay you will prefer, and don’t forget that your main Sun Haven gameplay will stay the same fun and adventure!

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Best Profession in Sun Haven