Best Power-Ups to Use in Soulstone Survivors


Soulstone Survivors is an interesting Arcade RPG where you need to pick one of a few characters and fight against hordes of enemies. You will get lots of different upgrades during your runs and you may want to know the strongest among them. So, in this guide, we will tell you about the best power-ups to use in Soulstone Survivors.

Best Power-Ups in Soulstone Survivors

There are lots of different power-ups that you can get in Soulstone Survivors. Some of these upgrades are really powerful and you may want to know them. So, let’s take a closer look at the best skills and power-ups that you can get in this game.

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1 – Bloodlust

This skill is great at the beginning of the match. Bloodlust increases your movement speed and attack speed, and it gives you a huge advantage. However, when you reach the late game you will likely have to change this skill for something else.

2 – Double Cast

This is one of the best power-ups in this game and it works extremely well if you make a build based on the Instant-type skills. So, we highly recommend you pick it whenever you get such an opportunity. Also, such power-ups can work for different categories of skills and you should pay attention to them.

3 – Area of Effect

This kind of power-up is very useful and you should pick it if you feel a lack of range. It increases the area effect of all your Melee attacks and it will fit well in any Melee build. Also, there can be other variations of this power-up that work for different categories of spells.

4 – Damage Increase

This power-up can work for different skills and if you find the one that improves your build then you should pick it. You will meet such upgrades quite often and they allow you to make your character really strong.

5 – Spontaneous Combustion and Other Continuous Damage Skills

This skill allows your attacks to apply the Burn debuff to your opponents and if you want to make a build that is based on continuous damage effects then you should try this power-up. There are lots of various abilities that allow you to inflict different statuses and Spontaneous Combustion is a good example of such a skill. If you choose this ability a couple of times it will start to deal a huge amount of damage as it will get an increased chance to apply the status to your opponents.

There are lots of various power-ups that you can get in Soulstone Survivors and we tried to tell you about some of the most valuable ones. Good luck with your journey in this game!

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Best Power-Ups to Use in Soulstone Survivors


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