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All Skills in Soulstone Survivors

All Skills in Soulstone Survivors

Soulstone Survivors is an action roguelite from Game Smithing Limited released in 2022. Players slay masses of minions and huge bosses, collecting soulstones in order to become a god. As the game progresses, players get to craft new weapons, unlock characters, and upgrade their skills. Find out below about all skills in Soulstone Survivor.

Soulstone Survivors Skill Tree

Upgrading skills in Soulstone Survivor occurs at a Skill Tree. Here each skill type branches off to a new nodule to unlock, upgrading that particular skill set. There are 3 skill types: Offence, Defence, and Mobility. Offence skills are coloured red, Defence are blue, while Mobility are green.

Skill Tree in Soulstone Survivors

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Skills are unlocked and upgraded for every character players have, so there is no need to worry about separate skill trees for each character. Following is a table of what skills are available to unlock in the skill tree.

Soulstone Survivors Skills

Offence (Red)Defence (Blue)Mobility (Green)
Increase Damage Multiplier by 0.25xIncrease Maximum Health by 50Increase Movement Speed Multiplier by 0.15x
Recover 2 Health Points Every Time There is a Level UpIncrease All Health From Health Crystals by 10Increase Attack Speed Multiplier by 0.10x
Increase No. of Dashes by 1Any Fatal Attack Restores Health by 50% Instead, OnceIncrease Pick Up Range Multiplier by 2.00x
Increase Area Multiplier by 0.04%Increase Armour Power by 12Increase No. of Minor Soulstones Earned by 10%
Allows Player to Banish Power Up. Blocks Power Up from Appearing in Match Once.Increase Block Power by 2Increase Experience Multiplier by 0.05x
Increases Critical Damage Chance of all Attacks by 2%Reduce All Damage Taken by 1Gives Chance to Get New SKills When Levelled Up. 1 Per Match.
Increases Critical Damage Multiplier by 0.05%

Those are all the skills available in Soulstone Survivors right now! Don’t forget you have the chance to reset the Skill Tree if you want to. If you find you want to try a different strategy for your gameplay or character. Good luck!

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All Skills in Soulstone Survivors


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