After you awake from cryostasis in a secret facility on the edge of the galaxy, you learn from an AI unit that empires across space have gone silent. You were a part of the government organization that oversees society, and now the galaxy has collapsed.

Now, you must learn what happened during your sleep…

Crying Suns is a sci-fi roguelite strategy game that is a self-proclaimed mash up of various sci-fi games like FTL: Faster Than Light and Dune. Players will be in charge of overseeing large scale fleet battles and undertaking planet operations.

Battles in Crying Suns take place on a hexagonal grid, and turns play out in real-time. When you need some more time to think your strategy, you can also pause the action at any point and change up your approach.

The universe in Crying Suns is procedurally generated every time you play, so when you meet your untimely end, the next universe will be completely different. There are also tons of different events that you can come across during your journey, many of which will influence your decisions later down the road.

With a deep and dark story and a very gritty atmosphere, Crying Suns is love letter to classic sci-fi franchises.

Crying Suns is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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