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Best Places to Camp in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG

Best Places to Camp in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG
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Mobile games are great because they often allow you to gain various resources necessary for different upgrades or new skills by auto-farming. Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG doesn’t lead with that feature, but you can unlock it later on and set up a camp that lets you put everything on autopilot for a bit.

However, the world map in this fun game is huge, and not all the places are of equal value when it comes to setting up your camp. In this guide, we bring you information on the best places to camp in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG so that you can maximize your gains.

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How to Camp in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG

If you’re relatively new to the game, you might be wondering how to camp in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG. After all, this option is not visible from the get-go. To camp in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG, you will need to reach Troop Level 7, which is easy enough, but that’s not all.

To get the ability to set up camp, you will have to unlock it in Training Ground for some Crimson Ore. The cost of this upgrade is 1 Crimson Ore, but the trick is that it is the second upgrade in that tree, meaning that you will have to unlock an additional hero spot for 1 Crimson Ore at level 5 first. Considering that Crimson Ore is not easy to obtain, you might find yourself grinding a bit before you can get access to camping.

Once you unlock it, you just need to pick up the spot on the map and click on the camping option on your screen to start your one hour of camping time per day. We highly recommend watching a short ad to unlock Premium Camp for 30 minutes because this option comes with great benefits:

  • Increased EXP gained by 200%
  • Reduced respawn time by 10 seconds
  • Increased maximum resources by 50%

Best Places to Camp in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG

Camping in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG
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To maximize the benefits you get from camping in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG, you should be a little bit strategic about the location of your camp. The whole point of camping in this game is to gain the resources that you will need for upgrading your heroes, revealing new parts of the map, getting EXP for leveling up, and more. You need to choose the place where you will be able to get a lot of these materials since you can set up camp pretty much anywhere.

The first condition for a good camping place is that it is teeming with enemies. You will want those waves coming in all the time during your hour so that you can get a lot of meat and EXP. However, don’t make the same mistake as we did, and try not to set up your camp close to a boss or a particularly tough enemy because this will distract your heroes from grinding.

If the enemy is quite tough, it will also mean a lot of downtime for your heroes as you’re waiting for their revival. Make sure that you select the area where enemies are of the same or lower level so that you can defeat them easily.

Additionally, a good camping spot will also have a lot of trees nearby so that you can leave with a lot of timber as well. It doesn’t hurt if there are some blue ore mining spots, but you will clear those out fast enough anyway.

Now, the best places to camp in Rumble Heroes will depend on how much of the map you have uncovered. One of the better places is close to the teleport in the Valley of Terror, just a little bit to the left, where you have some trees for logs, a decent amount of blue ore deposits, and enough enemies to keep you occupied for the full hour.

We hope this guide helps you on your way to getting all the resources. If you need more help with this game, check out more of our guides in the Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG dedicated section here on TouchTapPlay.

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Best Places to Camp in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG