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Rumble Heroes – Best Team in the Game

Rumble Heroes – Best Team in the Game
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When the fate of the whole kingdom is at stake, the only remedy is a powerful team full of the best heroes one can find, who will prevail in every challenge and obliterate any enemy no matter how strong it is.

Rumble Heroes has a lot of great characters for the job, but assembling the dream team that will take you far in the game is easier said than done. You need to think about the strength of individual team members but also about their synergy and how well they complement each other. We present you with our version of the best Rumble Heroes team so that you don’t have to waste time experimenting on your own.

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The Best Team in Rumble Heroes

Rumble Heroes characters
Image via PlayHard.Lab

It is not easy to determine what makes a great team in Rumble Heroes because there are many variables. The best team for the early game is not the same as the best team later on—if nothing else but for the fact that you start out with 4 heroes and can go all the way up to 8 team members.

We should also mention that the best team doesn’t necessarily mean only S-tier characters. You can go far even with some weaker heroes in the right combination, and you should definitely consider switching things up when encountering different challenges or bosses.

However, we are giving you our best team in Rumble Heroes that should cover you for the majority of the game and even help you get by the infamous Golden Pig:

  • Dancer Maya
  • Nurse Ivy
  • Feather Corbin
  • Shadow Isaac
  • Mr. Forge
  • Boomerang Ray

Each of these characters brings a unique perk to your team. Dancer Maya will speed up your attacks (which is particularly useful when going against the Golden Pig). Nurse Ivy is one of the best healers on the roster, and Feather Corbin shines with the Feather Burst Fire skill. Shadow Isaac is a dependable bleed hero, and Mr. Forge contributes with his poison-based attacks. Boomerang Ray can do wonders with his Boomerang skill and Agility buffs that will depend on how often you level him up.

In general, no matter which heroes you obtain via summons, you should invest resources in upgrading them whenever possible—that’s the foolproof way of beating even the strongest of foes.

We would love to hear about your best team in Rumble Heroes, so leave us a comment below. In the meantime, if you need more assistance, don’t skip our other guides in the dedicated Rumble Heroes section here on TouchTapPlay!

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Rumble Heroes – Best Team in the Game


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