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How to Get Crimson Ore in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG

How to Get Crimson Ore in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG
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When you play a game like Rumble Heroes, you probably want to upgrade your party any chance you get. Better stats mean more success in fights with various enemies, so it is only logical. So, you go back to the Training Ground in the village and get all psyched about the upgrades—only to see that you don’t have enough Crimson Ore to do anything meaningful (cue the sad violins).

We’ve been there and understand how frustrating it is. That’s why we have compiled this straightforward guide on how to get Crimson Ore in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG so that you never have to hear those annoying violins again.

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How to Get Crimson Ore in Rumble Heroes

Rumble Heroes
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Crimson Ore allows you to unlock the most powerful upgrades in the game, so it’s no wonder that this is one of the rarest items in Rumble Heroes. Still, you have four different methods at your disposal to collect this precious upgrade material:

  • Wild dungeons
  • Dungeon Portal
  • Rift Exchange
  • Paid special offer packs

Clearing Wild Dungeons in Rumble Heroes

One of the best ways to get Crimson Ore in Rumble Heroes is to clear wild dungeons since each new map area contains a few of them. However, this doesn’t mean that the process is easy—you have to clear all floors and kill the boss on the final floor to secure rewards. On top of everything, you can clear each dungeon only once, and Crimson Ore is not guaranteed as a reward in every dungeon. Still, if you do them all, you are bound to get at least some amount of this red stone.

Using the Dungeon Portal in Rumble Heroes

This method is technically a variation of the first one. You will need to use the Dungeon Portal in the Beginning Village and the dungeon maps you can obtain from the shop or by finishing daily quests. This way, you can access dungeons like:

  • Blood Red Prison
  • Abyss Cave
  • Slime Habitat
  • Abandoned Labyrinth
  • Dark Forest

Dungeons vary in difficulty and rewards, but, in our experience, the best one for mining Crimson Ore is the Blood Red Prison dungeon—it’s all in the name, right?

Exchanging Crimson Rift Stones for Crimson Ore in Rumble Heroes

As you explore the Rift (after reaching level 40), you get the chance to collect Crimson Rift Stones, which can be used in the Exchange section to get new heroes and other useful items, including Crimson Ore. Not all exchange options are available right away—you will have to clear relevant stages to get access to the next exchange tier. Luckily, getting Crimson Ore is possible after you clear Stage 10.

Buying Special Offer Packs

This method is, at the same time, the easiest and the worst for getting Crimson Ore in Rumble Heroes—depending on your views regarding spending real money in your favorite mobile games. If you don’t mind it, then it’s good to know that as you progress your team level up to 30 and above, you will see timed special pack offers with various in-game resources, including Crimson Ore. From our experience, they are usually not cheap at all, so consider carefully whether it’s all worth it in the end.

We wish you luck on your quest to collect as much Crimson Ore as you can in Rumble Heroes. If you need more assistance with this fun mobile game, check out other guides in our Rumble Heroes dedicated section here on TouchTapPlay.

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How to Get Crimson Ore in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG