Best Place to Farm Bond Points in Fate Grand Order


Fate Grand Order is an interesting mobile RPG where you need to collect different characters with help of the Gacha mechanic and upgrade them. The game allows you to improve your relationships with these heroes and if you want to do it you will have to earn Bond Points. This resource can be obtained in different ways and one of the best ones is to farm them. So, this guide will tell you about the best place to farm Bond Points in Fate Ground Order.

Best Places to Farm Bond Points in Fate Grand Order

There is a huge amount of great games that you can play on your mobile device and one of these is called Fate Grand Order. This game allows you to collect lots of different characters and upgrade them. Also, there is a mechanic that allows you to earn Bond Points and improve relationships with your characters.

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There are lots of different ways to earn Bond Points but the best one is to farm them. There are a few levels where you can earn lots of Bond Points and today we are going to tell you about them. Here is the list of best places for this purpose:

  • Babylonia – Mt. Ebih – Temple of the Sacred Mountain
  • Babylonia – Blood Fort – The Quickening Mountain
  • Babylonia – Nippur – Knot of Heaven and Earth
  • Camelot – Great Temple – Castle of the Sun King
  • Camelot – Royal Castle – The Thousand Year Kingdom
  • Shimosa – Arakawa Plains – Ancient Battlefield
  • Anastasia – Yaga Ryazan – Prison Ruins
  • Olympus – Underground Structure – Secret Hangar
  • Olympus – Great Altar – Oracle’s Altar
  • Gotterdammerung – Forgotten Shrine – Armory of the Fallen Warriors
  • Gotterdammerung – North Boundary – Limited Domain
  • SIN – Xianyang – An Auspicious Opportunity
  • Yuga Kurukshetra – Eastern Flower Garden – Devaloka
  • Yuga Kurukshetra – Land of Eternity – The Great Dragon’s Bed
  • Atlantis – Thanatos Island – Altar of Death
  • Camelot – Hidden Village – Mirage of Dreams
  • Fuyuki – Unknown Coordinates X-A – The Residential Ruin

This is the list of the best places to farm Bond Points and we will be glad if it helps you in your playthrough. Good luck with your further battles in Fate Grand Order!

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Best Place to Farm Bond Points in Fate Grand Order


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