Best Pets in PunBall, Ranked


There are lots of different puzzle games that you can play on your mobile devices and if you want something unusual then we recommend you to try PunBall. This project allows you to become a magician that fights against hordes of various monsters and creatures. In order to defeat your opponents, you will have to use your magic wand to fire some projectiles at the designated angle. Also, the game features many different assistants that you can use and in this guide, we will tell you about the best pets in PunBall and rank them.

Best Pets in PunBall

PunBall is a very interesting puzzle game where you need to play as a mage that fights against different creatures. The game allows you to fire lots of magic projectiles that bounce from walls and opponents. So, if you want to beat all monsters you will have to adjust your fire direction and hit as many targets as possible.

Your opponents in PunBall will be moving toward you step by step and if you want to stop them you will need to prepare a decent build. One of the most important parts of your setup is your companions. So, we are going to tell you about the best pets that you can use in this game.

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1 – Butterfly

Currently, this is the best pet in the game. The Butterfly is able to resurrect your character if you die. Also, it boosts your health and the stats of other pets. So, this follower is considered to be a necessary option and you definitely should include it in your build.

2 – Octopus

This is the second best pet in the game and you should use it if you have Hermes boots. This creature allows you to dodge incoming attacks and restore some HP whenever you perform a successful evasion. Also, the pet gives you a Frozen Ball and provides other pets with some bonuses.

3 – Turtle

This is another defensive pet and it provides your character with a shield that blocks some damage. So, it seems to be less effective than Octopus and its dodges but still a valuable option. Also, it gives you a Frozen Ball and some buffs for other pets.

4 – Fire Wolf

If you search for a damaging option then you should try this pet. Fire Wolf increases your character’s damage and provides you with a Fire Ball. Also, it is able to increase other pets’ stats.

5 – Fire Boar

This is another attacking pet that you can use to deal some damage. However, it is less useful in comparison with Fire Wolf as it deals damage only when your character is damaged. So, if you use some defensive pets like Octopus or Turtle then you won’t be able to use the Fire Boar’s effect properly.

These five pets are great and hopefully, our guide will help you to build your own setup. However, if you prefer other companions then you could share your strategy in the comment section of this article. Good luck with your adventures in PunBall!

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Best Pets in PunBall, Ranked


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