Best Equipment to Use in Punball

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Punball is an exciting mobile game in which you have to develop strategic thinking to destroy all the enemies in your path and solve all the puzzles that the game has prepared for you. Many factors can affect your success in this game, and one of them is equipment. In today’s article, we will tell you about the best equipment in the game, with which you will win much easier. Let’s get this started!

Best Equipment to Use in Punball

As we have already said, equipment is a very important part of the gameplay,. The better equipment you use, the stronger you become.

In total, there are 6 types of equipment in the game that you can use on your character, and all of them are very important.

Best Wand

Of all the wands, the Brave wand is the best choice as it deals 50% more damage to all attacking enemies. And if this wand is also of legendary rarity, then you will have a 10% chance, on the next turn, to prohibit the enemy from attacking.

If you don’t have a Brave wand, then a Lighting wand or Meteor wand would be a good replacement.

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Best Ring

The best ring in the game is the Werewolf Ring, with which enemy healers will deal 25% damage to your enemies instead of restoring health. And if you use the legendary version of this ring, when you lose a lot of health, you will get an attack bonus. If you do not have this ring, use Weakness Ring or Magic Ring.

Best Bracers

We advise you to choose bracers, depending on the situation and on the level that you have to go through. If you need to fight a boss, then use Jack’s Bracers. If you are fighting a lot of enemies, then use Lion Bracers.

Best Crown

If we talk about the best crown in the game, your choice is the Magic Crown. If you use this crown for each killed enemy you will receive two additional balls, and if the crown is legendary, then three balls at all.

Best Robe

When choosing a robe, you should choose based on the enemies you have to kill. If you have problems with distant enemies, you should use the Hypnotic Robe, and if with melee enemies, use Thicken Robe.

Best Boot

The best boots in the game are Duplicate Boots, with which you have a 30% chance to get one extra ball. This means that statistically, you can increase the amount of all balls by 30%, which is one of the best abilities in the game.

Now that you know about the best equipment, you can go into the game and try to get it all to reach new heights.

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Best Equipment to Use in Punball


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