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Best Moveset for Kartana – Pokemon GO

Best Moveset for Kartana – Pokemon GO

The Ultra Beast Kartana might look like a goofy mini-boss from Okami, but rest assured they are far from that. This Grass-type Pokemon is extremely sharp and can cut through just about anything, despite weighing less than 0.12 kilograms. It is part of the Ultra Beasts, a group of dangerous Pokemon from another universe who arrived in the main Pokemon world through Ultra Space holes in Alola. They are finally available in Pokemon Go as 5-Star raid bosses and out of all of them, Kartana might be one of the strongest. This is the best moveset for Kartana in Pokemon Go.

Kartana’s Strength And Weaknesses In Pokemon Go

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Kartana is arguably the greatest DPS Grass-Type Pokemon in the game thanks to its high attack power of 323. It has almost no meta-competition, as even the strongest units do not compare to it. They are perfect to use for Water-based bosses and do 62.5 percent damage to almost all classes except for other Grass-types.

Ash chasing after Kartana in Pokemon.

Unfortunately because of its typing as a Grass and Steel Pokemon, Kartana is extremely prone to be one-shotted by Fire-type enemies, as it takes 256 percent damage from these. They also take 160 percent damage from Fighting-type Pokemon. Kartana has a base defense of 182, which while isn’t the worst, might make it prone to being easily damaged.

How To Use Kartana In Pokemon Go

The best way to use Kartana is by building them to be a pure DPS unit. Nothing else will really work for them, as they have very niche stats that are meant to be used in a specific way. They definitely aren’t tanky enough to be built around defense, so this offense-based set is the route to go.

Since Kartana’s typing works so well against a lot of different Pokemon, two Grass-type attacks will suit it. This is the ideal combination to use:

  • Quick Move: Razor Leaf
  • Charged Move: Leaf Blade

You can find Kartana in 5-star raids in Pokemon Go, so go check it out today while the Ultra Beasts are still active!

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Best Moveset for Kartana – Pokemon GO


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