Best Minecraft Wall Designs for Beginners

Minecraft wall design

Since its launch over a decade, Minecraft has always been about building things. In the vast sandbox worlds of Minecraft, players can bring their imaginations to life using various types of blocks. Medieval-themed builds are highly popular among players. In this guide, we look at some easy-to-build Minecraft wall designs, especially for beginners.

Beginner-friendly Wall Designs to Build in Minecraft

When building a village or castle in Minecraft, you must create walls. Here are some wall designs that you can implement in your builds:

1. Simple stone wall design

A super complicated and detailed wall isn’t always attractive. Building a simple stone wall is the obvious choice for villages and castles made of stone. Players can create a simple wall using walls made of stone bricks. You can mix a few mossy stone bricks into walls to make them look a bit used and rundown.

2. Modern wall design

You can use bright white blocks like white concrete and quartz bricks to make walls for modern-themed mansion and villa builds. As shown in the above image, you can use iron bars, leaves, and quartz bricks to create a modern wall design. Do not worry if you lack quartz, as it is a rare resource, and white concrete is a perfect substitute for this design.

3. Stone and wood wall with arches

You can use simple resources like tree logs, cobblestones, and stone bricks to create a beautiful wall. As shown in the above image, this wall design has three layers. You can replicate the same design to create a beautiful wall with arches, minor details, and depth.

4. Nether wall design

Many Minecrafters prefer to live in the hellish Nether realm. If you are a fan of the Nether, you will love the nether-themed wall design. The Nether Realm has beautiful blackstone blocks, perfect for building walls. You can use blackstone, polished blackstone, and polished deepslate to create a simple wall design.

Minecraft gives you complete freedom to show creativity and imagination. You can take inspiration from the above designs and perhaps create your own custom wall designs.

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Best Minecraft Wall Designs for Beginners


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