Best Minecraft Cake Ideas for Birthdays, Parties and Events

axolotls and the ender dragon in minecraft

If you’ve got a little or a big kid with a birthday this summer, chances are they might be asking for a Minecraft-themed party. This is because despite being around for so long, the block-based game continues to enchant both kids and adults alike. As a result, it’s made its way into being a theme for many celebratory occasions. Whether you’re trying to plan a special day for your young one or you want to celebrate defeating the Ender Dragon, these are the best Minecraft cake ideas for birthdays, parties, and events.

Creepers In Minecraft

a creeper from minecraft

Creepers are one of the most iconic monsters in Minecraft. These green beasts inconvenience players by blowing themselves up, sometimes causing a ton of destruction. Because of their simple design, many cake decorators have been able to recreate them in their customers’ designs. There are many tutorials for how to do it both on youtube and on google. All you really need is some green frosting, a sheet cake, and fondant for decorating.

Axolotls In Minecraft

axolotls from minecraft

Axolotls are one of the most popular animals in Minecraft. When they first came out, players everywhere were going wild trying to breed them in their rare colors. Because of its flat rectangular shape, it’s very simple to decorate into a cake just by buying a small premade cake base. You can even do this with ice cream or icebox cake if the recipient prefers ice cream cake. Use some fondant and frosting to put the frills and eyes on the design. If you want it to be really special, consider making it blue, as that’s one of the rarest colors of it you can find in-game.

Diamond Swords In Minecraft

Diamond swords are very symbolic in Minecraft because it means you’ve really come a long way as an experienced player. If you aren’t too big into making things out of cakes, you could always use different materials to build the shape of a sword and put it on top of a decorated base or make shapes of the other diamond weapons.

The Classic Characters In Minecraft

Now, let’s say you aren’t really into sculpting figures of things. You want to use minimal effort but still make someone a cake they’ll love. You might remember flipping through that big glossy book at ice cream shops that had samples of the different cakes you could order. It typically consisted of a simple base with little figures of the characters on top. You can pipe some green frosting to look like grass on top of a cake and purchase some figures of the iconic Minecraft characters to put on top of it. It won’t be too much work and the recipient can keep the figures if they want.

The Ender Dragon In Minecraft

the ender dragon from minecraft

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If you have a recipient who doesn’t mind something less cutesy than your standard dog or fox, consider making a cake out inspired by the Ender Dragon’s head. It’s very simple since it doesn’t have a lot of patterns on it. If the Diamond Sword is a symbol of experience, the Ender Dragon is a sign you have truly conquered the game.

For more inspiration, it’s worth going to places like Instagram and YouTube to see what creators are making. Surely you’ll find something that will suit the design you want, and make a birthday recipient very happy in the process.

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Best Minecraft Cake Ideas for Birthdays, Parties and Events


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