Best Minecraft Bedrock Speedrun Seeds

How to Replace Blocks in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Speedrunning in Minecraft is a completely different way to play the game. It is logical that the devices you use impact the speed run. However, it might sound strange that seeds affect your result as well. Read the guide, and you will understand what the impact of the seed is and what seeds are the best.

Best Seeds Minecraft Bedrock Edition

So, you need to know that some record lists require beating Ender Dragon by spawning on a random seed. So, you need to carefully learn the conditions of the list you want to get to. However, if picking your specific seed is allowed, here are two of the best seeds for you.


This seed is quite good. Using it, you will be spawned in an abandoned village. By looking through chests in this village, you will get 14 obsidian, an iron pickaxe, gold horse armor, and five apples. So, you can initially make Nether Portal by using your obsidian. Also, in the closest ravine, there will be two chests and a pretty good zombie spawner.

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It is the best desert spawn in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. There are an outpost, two villages, and two desert temples. However, finding them might be quite complicated. So, here are the coordinates:

Second Village: X: -424, Y: 70, Z: -968

First Desert Temple: X: -472, Y: 70, Z: -872

Second Desert Temple: X: -696, Y: 69, Z: -920

Outpost: X: -536, Y: 100, Z: -776

Using these coordinates, you can collect all resources in 5 minutes.

Generally, these seeds were found by simple players. Therefore, in the future somebody will find a more effective seed, it is completely clear. Also, top speedrunners do not reveal their seeds. However, you can try to buy their seeds by contacting them directly. So, that is all with seeds for speedrun in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Hope you consider this guide helpful.

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Best Minecraft Bedrock Speedrun Seeds


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