How to Get and Use Milk in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Milk Minecraft

Minecraft is arguably the most popular game of the last decade. Millions of gamers enjoy the iconic sandbox title every day. Minecraft features randomly yet beautifully generated sandbox worlds featuring biomes, structures, monsters, and more.

There are all kinds of food items available in Minecraft. Players can even obtain and drink milk in this sandbox game. This article focuses on milk and explains how you can get milk and use it in Minecraft.

Milk in Minecraft Bedrock Edition: All You Need to Know

How to Get Milk

In order to get milk, you will first need an empty bucket. It can be crafted using three iron ingots and a crafting table. Once you have a bucket, use it on a cow, goat, or mooshroom to get a bucket of milk.

Players can milk a cow, goat, or mooshroom as much as they want as there is no limit or cooldown. Players can get unlimited milk from cow, goat, or mooshroom.

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How to Use Milk

Make a cake with milk

You can drink milk to get rid of any status effects in Minecraft. Drinking milk removes positive and negative effects on the player. Besides that, milk is also used for baking cakes in Minecraft. You can craft a cake using three milk buckets, three wheat, two sugar, and an egg.

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How to Get and Use Milk in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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