Top 5 Best Foods for Healing in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.18


In Minecraft, each player has ten hearts. Whenever players take damage, they will lose half or more hearts. There is a hunger beside the health bar, which recovers health when above 7.

Minecraft players can heal themselves by eating foods. A wide variety of food items is available in the game. However, all of them are not perfect for healing. Some foods recover more hunger than others.

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Best Foods for Healing in Minecraft

In this Minecraft article, we have listed five foods best for recovering health points.

5) Cooked Salmon

Cooked salmon

Salmon is arguably the most common type of fish in Minecraft. Players can always find a school of salmons swimming in rivers and oceans. A single hit from a stone axe is enough to kill a salmon.

By cooking raw salmon, players will get cooked salmon. Eating one cooked salmon recover three hunger and restores 9.6 saturation.

4) Steak


Steak is another food item that requires cooking in Minecraft. Players have to place beef in a furnace or smoker to make steak. Since cows are a common mob and easy to breed, players can get tons of steak in no time.

Eating a steak recovers four hunger and restores 12.8 saturation.

3) Golden Carrot

Golden carrots are a decent food item in Minecraft. It recovers three hunger and provides 14.4 saturation. Players can also use golden carrots to make Potions of Night Vision.

Golden carrot is crafted using one carrot and eight gold nuggets. Players may also find golden carrots inside loot chests in ruined portals and bastion remnants or buy them from farmers.

2) Golden Apple

Golden apples are the costliest craftable food items in Minecraft. Players need one apple and eight gold ingots to make one golden apple. Unless players have gold farms, crafting golden apples is a challenging task.

Golden Apple recovers two hunger and gives 9.6 saturation. Moreover, eating it gives Regeneration II for five seconds and Absorption for two minutes.

1) Enchanted Golden Apple

Enchanted Golden Apple

Enchanted Golden Apple is the most broken item in the game. It was so overpowered that developers had to remove its crafting recipe. The only way to get enchanted golden apple is from loot chests.

Eating one Enchanted Golden Apple recovers the same amount as regular golden apples but adds more status effects like Regeneration, Fire Resistance, Resistance, and more.

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Top 5 Best Foods for Healing in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.18


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