Best Mercenary Builds in Shop Titans

How to Make Money Fast in Shop Titans - Guide and Tips

When playing Shop Titans, you need to sell many goods to earn gold and make your store much better. But the goods do not appear out of thin air, and they must be obtained somehow. One way to fill your shop shelves is to hire a few adventurers and send them out to complete quests for you. You can create a team of different adventurers, and in today’s article, we will tell you about the best Mercenary builds.

Best Mercenary Builds in Shop Titans

As we said, you can hire various heroes to complete quests for you and bring you the rewards. But just hiring an adventurer is not enough. You need to choose the skills that the adventurer will use, and give them equipment.

The Mercenary is a more advanced version of the classic soldier, which means you can use it at any level. Unlike a warrior, a Mercenary can use all available skills, and after reaching level 29, they gain the fourth skill slot. Mercenary is a great choice for a beginner player, and here’s what you need to equip to get them even stronger.

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Mercenary Skills:

  • Warlord (Warmaster)
  • Perfect Form (Ascended Form)
  • Battering Blows (Relentless Assault)
  • Flame Brand (Sacred Fire) (Baptism by Fire)

Try to rank up these skills as quickly as possible and use the skills in brackets in the assembly.

Equipment Mercenary:

  • Dragon Dao
  • Milesian Mail
  • Winter’s Touch
  • Bunbun Booties
  • Midnight oil
  • Emperor Wyrmguard

Unfortunately, there is only one best build for the Mercenary class, and all other builds somehow strive for this build.

If you do not have everything you need for this build, you can replace some of the equipment, but focus on this build, and try to recreate it.

In the end, we would like to add that even though a Mercenary is a good adventurer, you should not use it for a long time. This class is useful in the early game, but classes available in the later game are much more useful.

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Best Mercenary Builds in Shop Titans


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