Best House Ideas in Terraria

Best House Ideas in Terraria

Terraria is one of the most popular pixel sandboxes. Although it is often compared to Minecraft, they actually have very little in common. Unlike Minecraft, Terraria has an incredibly well-developed weapon system, various boss fights, and NPC mechanics. In this guide, we will tell you some cool ideas for houses.

Why Building a House Is Important

Houses in Terraria play several important roles. First, this is a place where you can hide at night, store your things, craft, and sleep. Second, in the houses you built, various NPCs will eventually be settled, from which it will be possible to craft or buy a variety of useful items. Therefore, it is important to build comfortable residential complexes to populate as many useful NPCs as possible.

Best House Ideas in Terraria

The first idea is to build an underground house. In the initial stages, this will save you resources by not having to build walls, but later you can finish them to your liking. In such a house, it is also easy to make a convenient passage to the caves.

Next, we suggest you build a real castle. To do this, of course, you will have to prepare a lot of resources, such as stone slabs, walls, and fences. However, in such a house you will always feel safe, as well as your NPCs.

The last idea is a cozy house in a snowy biome. Such a house will not require complex resources, only a lot of wood that you like, as well as furniture to fill the house. Winter lovers will appreciate this house.

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Best House Ideas in Terraria


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