There are six classes in Art of War: Legions that further holds around thirty-nine playable heroes in the game. Among the said heroes, we have twenty-three legendary, five rare and eleven epic heroes. With a big list of heroes that share different playstyle, skill and abilities, there are bound to be some that stand atop others.

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Art of War: Legions is a game where the mage class is almost always dominant. Still, we have other classes like Warrior and Support who are good enough to be called some of the best heroes in Art of War: Legions.

List of best heroes in Art of War: Legions

Here is our list of best heroes in Art of War: Legions. The top best heroes are decided based on how they can perform in terms of offense and defense. The second thing we look at while selecting these heroes are the overall impact they have on the battle and whether they can win your battles or not.


Best at both offense and defense. One of the top tiers heroes that will get you wins.

  • Class – Support
  • Active Skill – Moonlight Shackles
    • Selene gathers the power of the moon and scatters it on the ground, binding the enemy in place and causing a lot of damage.
  • Passive Skill – Moonlight Projection
    • At the start, Selene will open a barrier to make our unit immune to partial damage and increase attack power for a certain period of time.
  • Legendary Skill – Moonlight Dance
    • Every once in a while, Selene will mobilize the power of the moon to deal damage to the enemies in the front line and weaken their attack.


Similar to Selene, Chione is one of the few characters who excel at both offense and defense.

  • Class – Mage
  • Active Skill – Freezing Field
    • Chione summons a blizzard to the target area that lasts for several seconds. Enemy troops in this range will lose blood and be frozen. The skill ignores any damage reduction.
  • Passive Skill – Frost
    • Chione will reduce enemy attack speed and movement speed.
  • Legendary Skill – Frost Prison
    • Every several attacks Chione will freeze enemies, friendly troops will cause double damage to frozen enemies.


  • Class – Mage
  • Active Skill – Trial of Flames
    • Aly mobilizes all power of fire to form a powerful firebomb. After accumulating power for 3 seconds, she throws the firebomb into the air and then the fireball lands at top speed and hits the opponent, causing huge damage and stun them.
    • At the same time, it will leave a burning flame on the ground and continue to damage the opponent’s troops within the range for a certain period of time.
    • If Aly is affected by a stun effect during the fire accumulation process, the fireball will fall to the ground right after she was stunned, and the damage and range will be reduced by half.
  • Passive Skill – Fox’s Charming Fire
    • Aly normal attack and some skills can ignite the enemy. The ignited enemy will take continuous damage in 8 seconds, and greatly reduced attack and defense.
  • Legendary Skill – Power of Nine Tails
    • Every time Aly lose the next 10% of her life, she will simulate the power of a tail to increase all her damage (at most stack up to 9 times).
    • At the same time, when Aly cumulative loss 90% of her life, all enemies on the battlefield will be bewildered (stunned) for 2 seconds, and the ignited enemies will be detonated (bewilder and detonate effects only trigger once per battle), damaging the enemy himself and enemy units around him (the damage caused by detonation will not cause the enemy to be ignited).
    • After the ignited enemy is detonated, the ignition effect on him will disappear.


  • Class – Mage
  • Active Skill – Nimbus
    • Zeus summons a Nimbus that creates multiple lightning strikes in a target area, dealing lots of damage and stunning the enemy.
  • Passive Skill – Static Field
    • Zeus increases the attack speed of friendly troops and reduces the enemy’s attack. At intervals, he will also summon a lightning strike to a random area, dealing damage and stunning the enemy.
  • Legendary Skill – The Wrath of God
    • Zeus’s lightning strikes will cause extra damage to troops proportional to their maximum health.


  • Class – Warrior
  • Active Skill – The King’s Demeanor
    • Stone Sheath mode: Arthur uses the power of stone, causing damage and casting a shield that protects allies from several hits.
    • After use of this power, Arthur switches to Excalibur Radiance mode, with the same Damage but Attack Increase instead of Resistance.
    • After use of this power, Arthur switches to Stone Sheath mode.
  • Passive Skill – Avalon
    • Arthur makes all human-race units partially immune to damage and helps them recover a certain percentage of health as well.
  • Legendary Skill – Bladestorm
    • After several attacks, Arthur will: in [Stone Sheath] mode – inflict huge damage and reduce enemy defense; in [Excalibur Radiance] mode – release sword energy that can penetrate the enemy, causing massive damage.
    • Each enemy can be affected only once.

The above are the top five heroes in Art of War: Legions. Now as you know, best heroes or other similar lists are both subjective and objective. We have tried to objectively list the best heroes. However, many other heroes can at least replace Arthur in the above list.

So here are some other best heroes that you can look forward to.

  • Davison
  • Drake
  • Dracula

Art of War Legions is a strategy game available on the Android and iOS platforms.

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