Best Harvest Event Characters in Echoes of Mana

Best Harvest Event Characters in Echoes of Mana

Echoes of Mana offers a unique ability to celebrate its release for us. And the celebration is a Harvest event. It’s completely clear that it’s the best event in the game. So, you have to take the most you can from it. Therefore, let’s find out what are the best characters you can get in this event.

Best Harvest Heroes in Echoes of Mana

You need to know that all characters that are presented at the harvest event are special. Probably, most of them will be no longer available to get. And it makes them valuable. However, some of them are even useful. The list below will include the most powerful character of each type in this event.

  1. Charlotte. It is an effective character because of her healing characteristics. However, she has too low HP, and it forces you to play carefully. And the best in this hero is that Charlotte can restore its MP by using weapon attacks.
  2. Hawkeye. Hawkeye is the only dark attacker available in this event. What makes this character really strong is that he can do multiple attacks by using the weapon, dealing deadly damage. Also, he has a lot of HP, so you can play him at the front lines.
  3. Prim. Prim is a good support character that can be well combined with previous characters. This hero can remove the status ailments from allies and make them helpful in the battle again.

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So, that is all with Harvest characters in Echoes of Mana. Complete the event and you will definitely get all of them.

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Best Harvest Event Characters in Echoes of Mana


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