Best Gorilla Tag Mods to Download Right Now

Gorilla Tag mods (Eyerock menu)
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If living as a human is not all that great, you have a chance to leave civilization behind and experience life through the eyes of a gorilla—thank you, Gorilla Tag! The game is available on PC and Oculus Quest for full immersion, and thanks to PC mods, that gorilla life can get even more exciting.

We bring you our selection of the best Gorilla Tag mods to download right now and jump around without restrictions, like any self-respecting ape would do.

New York City Map

What’s the biggest gorilla you’ve ever heard of? That’s right—it’s the Empire State Building-climbing King Kong! And if you want to follow in those huge footsteps, now you can. Download this map and get ready to explore the Big Apple’s biggest landmarks as a gorilla. Any other way just won’t cut it!

Air Jump

Learning how to wall run in Gorilla Tag is difficult, so why not just learn how to fly instead? The Air Jump mod created by the GitHub user fchb1239 allows you to jump around in the air by adding tiles beneath your hands—which equals flying in our books. Traversal has never been so fun, so make sure to try it out.

Screw Gravity

Who hasn’t had that thought in real life? Well, now you can control gravity or turn it off completely in Gorilla Tag. Download this mod from the same creator that gave us Air Jump and explore all the new opportunities in every mini-game as the new gravity master.

Gorilla Texturepacks

Why not change the visuals of Gorilla Tag as well? With this texture-focused mod, you can turn your surroundings into roofs, leaves, planks, iron, stones, and more, creating the den you’ve always wanted for your gorilla counterpart.

Eyerock Mod Menu

If you don’t have the patience to install each mod individually, this mod is the perfect solution. It brings you options like Car Monke, Speed Boost, and No Tag Freeze—all in one place. But be careful and don’t use it in public lobbies, or you might get banned.

This concludes our list of the best Gorilla Tag mods to download right now. We’re sure you will have fun with every single one of them!

If you’re looking for Oculus mods specifically, check out the Best Gorilla Tag Mods for Oculus Quest 2.

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Best Gorilla Tag Mods to Download Right Now


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