How to Wall Run in Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag
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It’s time to give up on being human and become an ape! Thanks to VR and Gorilla Tag, you can hang out with your friends in 6 environments as a gorilla and play in 4 different modes, including tag, infection, hunt, and paintbrawl.

Still, you can’t be a proper gorilla if you don’t know how to traverse different obstacles, and knowing how to wall run in Gorilla Tag will often be the difference between winning and losing. While it may be counterintuitive at first to try to wall run without any sticks, buttons, or keys, you will be able to do it in no time with our guide.

How to Wall Climb in Gorilla Tag

If you want to go up the wall in Gorilla Tag and can’t figure out the exact movements, this is the part that will interest you the most. After all, to know how to wall run, you must first climb to a certain height by climbing!

The key is to find a corner where two walls connect, approach it, and tilt your hands to match the wall angles. When you’re ready, place one hand on the wall and then start alternating between left and right hands in a rhythmic manner.

You can’t go too frantically or too fast—try to imitate the way you’ve seen apes move in real life.

How to Wall Run in Gorilla Tag

Now that you know how to get yourself up a wall, next up is learning how to wall run in Gorilla Tag.

First, find a good place for practicing—for example, you can jump off a stump that is next to a wall. When you’re in a position, make a fist, place your hand parallel to the wall, and set off. The key to moving like this is, once again, moderation. You don’t want to go too hard because you will jump off the wall—aim for shorter distances between hitting the wall with your fist.

Wall climbing and wall running may need some practicing, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get it perfectly the first time. We’re sure you will master these moves fast! You can also take a break and check out our other articles that might interest you, including Best Gorilla Tag Mods for Oculus Quest 2 and How to Play Minecraft VR on the Oculus Quest 2.

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How to Wall Run in Gorilla Tag


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